The “Intra-Afghan” Dialogue – A Presidential Campaign

An Eight-year-old girl was among the victims of a vicious suicide bomb attack on a voter registrations center which the children were the companies to their parents who were in the queue when the bomb went off.  As stated by Ehsan Popalzai et al, who are CNN contributors…


“A suicide blast killed 57 people including at least five children”

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Although the social, and deteriorating political circumstances of Afghanistan are facing downwards, the postponed election of 2019 fantasizes a hopeful future. The buoyant elections of 2019 has sat the civilians and beyond civilians on the edge of their seats hoping that the “ravaging war” that “costed the United States about $1 trillion  will end in 2019” as said by Kathy Ganon on the Associated Press.

The “intra-Afghan’ dialogue is the role player in the hopeful future which is held in Moscow talking about peace agreements and is attended by the spokesperson of Taliban and former President of Afghanistan, Hamid Karzai. On the other hand, this step towards peace is inexorably called an act “in order to gain power” said the current President of Afghanistan Ashraf Ghani who is not invited to attend the conference.

An open inference is that the operating government is not going to be present in the “intra-Afghan” peace Dialogue to declare peace conditions or to compromise to the terms of Taliban to “resolve Afghanistan’s 17-years of war”. However, this three-day peace talks invites the

“powerful warlords-turned-politicians and former Taliban insurgents who reconciled with the Kabul administration”

as said by Kathy from The Diplomat that raises the question of who in reality has the power and control over the country.

The close capture inference is that the “Intra-Afghan” peace talks will immensely influence the elections of 2019 as Abdullah Abdullah who is a potential Presidential candidate, writes on his twitter account

Abdullah Abdullah is campaigning in this act using social media which he announces himself hopeful rather than pessimistic. He has ran for the presidency twice in the past decade but has failed to win, however, this upcoming election is inexorably piquant in political and economic aspects

Another reason that wraps the elections in hope is the fact that a female lawmaker and activist, Fawzia Koofi, is in the list attending the “Intra-Afghan” meeting that lights up the hope of a female presidential candidate which can be a turnover for the history of Afghanistan. “Intra-Afghan” dialogue is the paramount reason to the hopeful elections of Afghanistan if accepted by the Taliban and the so-called representatives of the Islamic Government of Afghanistan.

Consequently, the delay in talks, as well as elections, are costing the blood of civilians and military each day. Moreover, It should be reminded according to Mujib Mashal and Fatima Faizi of New York Times, that, “There are also fears that fraud will undermine the voting, as it has so often”


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Mustafa Khaliq
Mustafa Khaliq

Mustafa Ali was born in 2001, in Kabul, Afghanistan. He is a peace activist and has experience working with Youth Thinkers' Society, World Peace, Afghan Peace volunteers, and Afghanistan Impassion organization in the past.

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