The Meta Crazy Lab – A unique collection to honour a friend

Image Credits: Freepik; Sponsored by: The Meta Crazy Lab


It’s time to meet the labrador in the metaverse! The dog named ‘Snoopy G’ inspired The Meta Crazy Lab collection.

It all started with a furry ball. That’s how one can describe Snoopy G in the first days and weeks of his life. With passing time the furry ball started to resemble a puppy and our adventure gained momentum. Snoopy G was born near Warsaw as a proud Labrador Retriever. Like each puppy he was fearless, and a bit clumsy… and very, very cute. He loved food and long walks. He was always happy and cheered up everyone who wanted to play with him. He left us many good memories and incredible amounts of positive energy, which we want to share with others in the metaverse.

That’s how the unique The Meta Crazy Lab collection came to being. It contains 33 exclusive series of NFT tokens. There are 267 tokens altogether. Each represents a unique and unreplaceable picture from our 13-year adventure with Snoopy G.

Snoopy G: The metaverse Crazy Labrador

Are you wondering why The Meta Crazy Lab can be a great success? Its secret lies in the unique features of the token. We created them on the basis of the original pictures of Snoopy G. But marvellous graphics is not all! The heart of the collection is experiences and emotions which can enrich the metaverse. We are certain, that there is a place for close relations with our four-legged friends also here, in the metaverse. The relations that make us better people.

These 13 years with Snoopy taught us a lot. We experienced both good and bad moments. We learned that a little puppy needs a different sense of patience than a senior. In a relatively short time, we managed to live the whole life and we would do that again, without hesitation. Who knows? Perhaps there will be someplace for another furry ball in our life. The future will tell.

The Meta Crazy Lab: Available Now!

Are you interested in our collection? Unique tokens from The Meta Crazy Lab Collection will be launched soon. Don’t miss an opportunity to bid them as the first one! The gold series contains only 9 tokens.

What is NFT?

The abbreviation ‘NFT‘ stands for Non-Fungible Token – meaning, a non-interchangeable unit of data stored on a blockchain that can be sold and traded. NFT data units can be presented in the form of digital files such as photos, videos, and audio. Unlike digital assets like cryptocurrencies, NFTs are completely unique. In layman’s terms, an NFT is a collectable digital asset that holds value similar to physical artwork.

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