These 5 Incidents Prove that Indians have Narrowed Mindset

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With the advent of JIO, Internet has been made available to even the remote places of India. But with great Internet Connection comes great Free Time. Mukesh Ambani served us JIO on a silver platter and it greatly improved our lifestyle and our way of communication. It also gave people an edge to be offended about something or the other. It is like people (no matter what their age) stay up the whole night and scavenge the web to get offended and write about it.

No! We cannot mind our business. It is in our roots to be offended. And we cannot just suck it up and sit, we have to take actions. Otherwise, the pantheon that we worship might take off their invisibility cloak and shower their anger.

Let’s look at some of the incidents which have offended the people of India.

#1 Kolkata Girl abused for sitting with a boy

Not many people heard of this incident, thanks to the India news channels who only cover politics. But we have some great storytellers like The Quint who took this initiative of interviewing the victim and taking the message forward to the public.

#2 Couple Thrashed in Kolkata Metro

A couple was thrashed by commuters in a metro in Kolkata for hugging. Apparently, they were “being too close” and they created an uncomfortable environment for other co-passengers. So the solution was to thrash them and abuse them. They should be taught a lesson that we are the people, who gave the world Kamasutra, do not indulge in such activities. The incident happened at Tollygunge metro station, and later the youth of Kolkata protested against the misdeed of people by openly hugging in the public.

You can read the complete news of Kolkata Metro Policing on Outlook India.

#3 Mandira Bedi’s pic in the bikini on Instagram

Recently, Mandira Bedi, a famous personality uploaded a photo where she is seen wearing a blue bikini in a beach. A bikini in a Beach. Her followers went crazy. They bombarded her with criticism. How can a 46-year-old, mother of one wear a bikini that is “disgusting”, “disrespectful” and “Vulgar” as stated by some of the comments. Moreover, who wears a bikini to a beach?