THIS is how you think your way to success

think way success
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ⓘ The article is authored by Laura Tynan, a visibility & wealth coach on a mission to support women

The idea that our thoughts create our reality, is not new. However, it has been so generalised through over shared IG posts and Pinterest boards; that the power of this truth has been lost.

There is a lot of discussion around manifestation which was especially been popularised since the success of the book and movie ‘The Secret’. The basis of manifestation and the springboard of creation is thought. So, this is where we will begin.

As a (wo)man thinketh in her heart, so (s)he is” – Prov. 23:7

Our thoughts are powerful things and have the ability to raise us up to create the life we truly desire or tear us down and lead us to a life of stress and forever strain. Therefore, it is incredibly important that we understand how and why our thoughts create our reality, so we can use this power to create the reality we actually want, and no longer live by default.

Now is the ideal time to be having this discussion because we are living in a unique point of time, whereby if we can understand this principle fully, and apply it effectively, we have the opportunity to transform every area of our lives for the better.

The pandemic has forced all of us to press PAUSE and given us the opportunity to rethink how we have been living our lives and running our businesses. For better or worse, it has been a time of reflection and emphasis on what is most important to us all.

As we slowly emerge out of lockdown and return to “normal”, there is an opportunity for all of us to rethink and redefine what we personally want that normal to be.

This is why mastering these principles of manifestation is so important, now more than ever.

Up until now, the majority of people have been stuck in a cycle of working hard, hustling to get ahead and fighting for the top position. This conditioned scarcity mentality does not serve any of us.

I will explain how we can create big results and achieve our goals, but without working “hard” in labour terms, or sacrificing, or feeling that we must stress and struggle.

There is a new way we can “work” that is more effective and, produces results far beyond what you may have experienced before.

So why am I talking about this?

About 6 years ago, I walked i