Tiger Found Dead In Rajasthan – Sariska – Poacher Farmer Arrested

Tiger Found Dead In Rajasthan - Sariska - The Poacher Farmer Arrested
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Have you heard lately about the tiger found dead in Rajasthan? Here is how the story goes like. According to the officials, the farmer named Prajapat, who is also a poacher, is responsible for the death of the tiger at Sariska. Prajapat was arrested after he surrendered before the forest department after the death of a tiger at his farm. He will be produced in court on March 25 for this evil act.

ST-11 Tiger found dead

At Indok village, a farmer named Sahay Prajapat had placed a wire trap near his farm to stop wild animals from damaging his crop. But unfortunately, a four-year-old male tiger (ST-11) belonging to adjoining Sariska Tiger Reserve, got stuck in the trap and died of strangulation on March 20. Prajapat was arrested after he surrendered before the forest department. He was also booked under the Wildlife Protection Act and interrogated over last three days to make sure of whether the tiger death was accidental or it was a case of poaching.

Evidence Found Against Prajapat

The tiger found dead 300 meters away from Prajapat’s agriculture field. Forest official who is part of the investigating team said that the snare, used to trap Sambhar, Neelgai and Wild Boar has been recovered from Prajapat’s house along with other material related to poaching; which confirms that Prajapat is actually a poacher. His father has also been a poacher. Prajapat provided the information, based on which three other people have been detained, the official said. Now, the focus of the interrogation is whether he is linked with a gang of poachers or works alone, the officials said.

Is Sahay Prajapat Linked With A Gang Of Poachers Or Works Alone?

From the perspective of the investigating team, more people may be involved in the killing of ST-11. Many persons from Prajapat’s village saw the tiger struggling but no one informed the forest officials. Hence, some villagers are suspected of killing these animals by putting up snares and electric fencing near fields. Forest officials say that the meat of the killed animal is being supplied to nearby eateries (Dhabas). The locals crush Sambhar’s antlers and use the powder for treating pneumonia and weak eyesight.

Lives Of Tigers Are Becoming Worse And Unsafe In Sariska

Spread over 800 sq km, Sariska had lost all its tigers in 2005. To re-populate it, eight tigers were relocated from Ranthambore to Sariska between 2008 and 2012. In 2010, ST-1, the first tiger relocated from Ranthambore, died after villagers poisoned it. Tigress ST-5 is missing since February 21 and Sariska administration is working hard to trace it. In the meanwhile, the second tiger death (ST- 11) also occurred in Sariska after repopulation. By looking at the present scenario, it can be said that the lives of tigers are becoming worse and unsafe in Sariska. The reserve is once again in the grip of poachers, apparently in the absence of effective monitoring by the Sariska forest administration

Illegal Activities Happening Due To Politics Within The Forest Staff, Said Rajpal Singh

Rajpal Singh, a tiger expert and member of National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA), said, “The death of tiger ST-11 just 2 kilometers from the STR headquarters raises a big question mark on forest officials’ tracking system. Illegal activities such as laying of traps for wild animals are prevalent in STR. All these incidents are happening due to politics within the forest staff. The deployment of local guards is deterring the efficiency of other guards who are willing to work.” Many fear that if timely action is not taken by the forest administration, such incidents would not only tarnish the state’s image but will also make the poachers fearless.

Tweet By Ashok Gehlot: Complete Investigation Must Be There

The former chief minister Ashok Gehlot tweeted on Tuesday: “This is a very serious matter that the tiger, ST-11, from Sariska Tiger Reserve, who was caught in a barbed wire fence has died and the tigress ST–5 is also missing for many days. It’s my demand that the state government must form a committee of wildlife experts. There must be a complete investigation into this matter and the culprits must be punished.”

To sum up

Prajapat Sahay was arrested after he surrendered before the forest department. The lives of tigers are becoming very unsafe even in safe zones as they are being exploited by the poachers. A committee of wildlife experts must be formed and complete investigation in this matter should be done and the culprits must be punished; after all, this is a case of wildlife safety.

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