Your TikTok account maybe susceptible – Here is how to secure it

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Whether you are an influencer or an average person who wants to be on TikTok, it’s easy to get lost in the ocean of so many overwhelming videos from funny to informative ones. Since TikTok has become a popular platform, it has got hackers’ attention. If you are not careful about your account’s security, you could end up getting hacked and you know what’s likely to happen next.

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A. Ways your TikTok Account can be Hacked

To stay on top of your account’s security, you first need to know how much vulnerable you are. So let’s check out how your TikTok account can be hacked:

Cybersecurity experts at Check Point research discovered that the TikTok app has some vulnerabilities that might undermine your account’s security. The experts believed that a hypothetical attacker can take advantage of the following:

  • Upload new videos and erase videos
  • Compromise your account and fiddle with its content
  • Change the status of your videos from private to public
  • Access your email address and obtain sensitive information from your account

Other ways your TikTok account can be hacked include:

Malicious Download Link

Another malicious technique that hackers have been piggybacking on is SMS link spoofing. It can do a lot of harm with very little effort. It’s fueled by the crude implementation of a feature called text yourself for downloading the link to TikTok. Apparently, it is available on the platform’s official site.

Weak Passwords

It cannot be stressed enough to generate a strong password. There was a time when hackers used to rely on brute force attacks to get your password. Now, they use malicious software to infiltrate the system and extract passwords. If you have a weak password, your account could be a risk.

Third-Party Apps

It is normal practice to integrate third-party apps on your device for convenience. It, however, can be dangerous because it can permit attackers to hack your account. Instead of going for your account, the hackers go for other third-party apps which are weak when it comes to security.

When the hacker successfully gains access to the app, it’s easier for them to gain unauthorized access to passwords. And if they get their hands on your TikTok password, hacking your account is no big deal.

B. Signs your TikTok Account Has Been Hacked

Normally, when your account is hacked, you will know. However, just in case, these are telltale signs your account has been hacked:

Changed Password

Have you received a notification that your account password has been reset? Or are you attempting to access your account but your password is invalid? If you didn’t update your password, attackers may have changed it for you.

Changed Username

If your account’s username is changed and you didn’t initiate the change, your account has likely fallen into the wrong hands.

Strange Messages from Your Account

Have your friends or followers informed you that they have received messages from you, but you know you didn’t send them? Your account has likely been hacked and the criminal has started abusing it already.

Deleted Videos

The videos on your account can’t be deleted on their own or without your permission. This could mean hackers have forced their way into your account even if you’re certain you didn’t provide anyone with your account’s credentials.

C. How to Protect Your TikTok Account?

There are ways you can secure your TikTok account. Start with these tips:

Choose a Strong Password

First and foremost, change your account’s password. Pick a strong one that includes special characters, uppercase letters, and numbers. The password should have at least 8 characters.
Make it as random as possible to avoid fraudsters guessing it based on your personal information available on publicly accessible platforms like social media.

Turn on the Login in With Verification

This is different from Two Factor Authentication. When you enable this feature, it asks you to add your phone number to your profile. Every time you sign in, you will have to enter a one-time password (OTP).

Don’t Auto-Save Your Password

Saving your password on your computer is so much convenient. TikTok does that by default. But doing so can put your account’s security at risk.

Turn off the auto-password save feature by following these steps:

  • Go to the “me icon” at the bottom of your screen
  • Tap to the “Settings and privacy”
  • Go to “manage my account”
  • Toggle off the “save login info”

Don’t Open Shady Links

Cybercriminals may try to get you to click on a link that leads to something malicious. These links could be delivered via text messages, phishing emails sent by strangers, or malware-driven redirects. Whenever you see shady links, DO NOT open them.

Revisit Your Account’s Privacy Settings

Your privacy settings are one of the most overlooked parts of account security. You can tweak your privacy settings on TikTok to make it more difficult for people you don’t know to see your posts. This will keep enhancing the security of your account.

Go to your account’s privacy and fiddle with the settings. It’s recommended to make your account private. However, if you are an influencer and have a public profile, restrict your each to members of TikTok only. At the very least, restrict the ability to download videos or send a DM.

What to Do If My TikTok Account Is Hacked?

The moment you get the slightest idea that your account has been hacked, go and change your password. Apart from this, you must ensure that the accuracy of your account information is the same.

If you spot some issue or witness that the hacker has revoked your access to your account, report the problem right away. Inform your friends and fans that your account has been hacked. If necessary, ask them to unfollow your account.

TikTok certainly gives you the room to express yourself via videos but it’s not perfect in terms of security. Stay safe by taking all the measures mentioned here.



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