Tips on how to improve your essay writing skills

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Do you often ask yourself this question, “Can someone write my essay for me?” Many students like you have different reasons for looking for others to work on their papers. Some have other responsibilities that take a lot of their time, like extracurricular activities or part-time jobs. But most of them seek help because they are not confident with their writing skills. If you are one of them, you can take several steps to enhance your skills, benefitting you in the future. In this article, you will learn some tips on improving your essay writing skills to become a more eloquent author.

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1. Write daily

Exercising every day becomes a part of your routine, thus helping improve your health and lifestyle. Similarly, writing every day is an excellent way to enhance your skills because it allows you to check your progress. Danny Sanders, a content writer who cooperates with write my essay 4 me, recommends students to do this as it helped him, too.

Whether using pen and paper or digital tools, you can practice writing during your spare time. It would also benefit you to look for websites providing prompts and utilize them in your outputs. Nowadays, content creators and writers use prompt generators to challenge and boost their creativity. Doing this will help you become more flexible and experienced in discussing different topics that you do not usually use.

2. Outline

Outlining your paper’s content is crucial in the writing process. It helps you organize your ideas before expounding them on your output. Even though this step is essential, many students ignore it because it is time-consuming. They would prefer drafting right away to save time or seek essay writing help instead.

Drafting immediately is not recommended if you want to develop your writing skills and craft impressive outputs. You are bound to aimlessly write because you have not organized your ideas and sources yet. Your insights will be all over the place, resulting in a poorly-structured paper. Therefore, you must use the standard outline before drafting. It will help you create more cohesive paragraphs, making your work excellent and not confusing.

3. Read materials relevant to your topic

One of the best ways to gain more insights about your topic is by reading relevant materials, whether physical or digital. Because of the internet, you now have access to numerous resources on different topics. Whether your paper is about cyberbullying or e-commerce, you can see a lot of materials online.

Resources by Osmosis are a great place to get accurate information and guides for completing your essay.

If you want the traditional method, you can go to a local or school library to read. They have a vast collection of resources, especially those not yet digitized.

Reading related sources will not only help you learn more details but also strengthen your arguments. Citations are vital in essay writing because they provide evidence to your claims. So, you must read credible sources first before drafting. It would be best to use Google Scholar or other online libraries, like JSTOR and Elsevier.

4. Provide essay writing services to others

As a student, you might think that you cannot provide others with the best online writing service. You probably think that you are not skilled in helping others. But you must know that you can still assist struggling students. You can guide your younger siblings, neighbours, or schoolmates from lower batches. Doing this will not only make you earn some money but also help you develop your writing skills. Although this tip seems unusual, the experience you gain from writing for others will help you become a better writer and person.

5. Use active instead of passive voice

One of the ways to produce an impactful output is using active voice instead of passive. The former emphasizes the doer of the action by putting it as the sentence’s subject. It also uses strong action verbs, which create more impact in your writing. Meanwhile, the latter can confuse the readers. It is because the doer of the action is usually found at the last part or possibly not mentioned.

While using passive voice is not really a bad thing, overusing it can bring more confusion to your readers. It defeats your purpose, which is to communicate your ideas clearly. You can use the passive voice if you want to emphasize the object of the action rather than the doer. But as much as possible, use the active voice instead.

6. Avoid using clichés

Of course, you want to impress your teacher or readers with how you wrote your piece. In the process, you might feel tempted to use clichés that you have read or seen from books or movies. Even though they seem to make your work fancy, you must know that it might not work in your favour. Because they are commonly used, they have already lost the impact they had before. Others might find them unnecessary anymore, so it would be best to remove them instead. Try to use other techniques that may be more fitting to your writing style.

7. Help other people craft their resumes to practice

As mentioned previously, you can develop your writing skills by providing writing help. Besides essays, you can assist those who struggle with crafting their resumes. Because resumes are crucial to their employment, they want to submit an impressive one. As a student, you can improve their drafts or tailor-fit their resume based on their career goals. Exposing yourself to different writing tasks will help expand your skills, which will benefit you in the future.

8. Use similes and metaphors carefully

Simile and metaphor are two basic figures of speech that can enhance your output. They both involve the comparison of two subjects, whereas simile shows direct comparison while metaphor is indirect. Even though they offer colour and variety in your paper, misusing and overusing them can bring more harm than good. If you are not confident in the simile or metaphor you want to use, it would be best to remove them instead. Focus on showing a straightforward idea rather than a symbolic one.

To sum up

You can take several steps to improve your writing skills. These include writing every day, outlining, and reading relevant materials. It would also help to use active voice, avoid clichés, and use metaphor and similes carefully. You can also consider offering paper writing services to struggling students to help you practice. By doing this, you can develop skills essential in your workplace and future endeavours. Even though the process is challenging, everything will be worth it once you see the results of your hard work.


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