Top challenges of using temporary buildings and their solutions

Temporary buildings include modular and semi-permanent structures made of different materials through modern innovation. They are applicable in different sectors but are used mainly by schools, healthcare facilities, event companies, the military, the manufacturing sector, and others.


According to experts in temporary buildings, they have many benefits to both the companies selling and leasing them and the users. Top benefits such as cost-effectiveness, speed of construction, and versatility are the most enticing. If you are more curious about this, find out here now.

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However, using temporary buildings has some cons as well. We will look at the top challenges of using temporary buildings and their challenges.

The Cost Challenge

We have always heard that temporary buildings are cheaper than brick-and-mortar structures. This is true. However, there are instances when the use of temporary buildings could be more costly than building a permanent structure, for instance, if you lease the structures in the long term or buy from an expensive supplier.

It is best to do a cost-benefit analysis and ensure that you will save money by buying temporary structures. It is also best to rent when you only need the temporary buildings for a short time.

Transportation of Modular Portable Structures

One of the temporary buildings used today is portable classrooms and other temporary structures. Instead of being assembled on-site, they are completed in a fabrication factory and equipped with all the accessories.

Transporting portable structures such as classrooms has proven to be a challenge on many occasions. First, it requires specialized wide-load transport vehicles, a forklift to lift it on and off the truck and position it on sites, and many other logistics.

However, professionals have always done this perfectly using the right equipment, fastening the structures well, preparing the ground appropriately, and allocating enough time to the process.

The Amenities Challenge

Have you heard that some temporary buildings need to be fitted with plumbing, electrical, internet, and ventilation amenities? Some like portable classrooms may also need smart boards, shelves, and the like. The challenge comes in when these are not planned before fabrication and their plans are not included. Of course, it might not be possible to add them.

To avoid this challenge, buy or lease these structures from a professional and ensure that all of the provisions are there. In fact, some of these experts include these amenities and use them to advertise their services so you can make informed decisions.

Lack of Insulation

There are quite a number of temporary buildings that come with insulation. But many of them are made of light gauge frames and fabric covers, so they cannot be insulated. This is also similar to temporary buildings made of other materials such as PVC covers and steel sheets.

If you need insulated temporary structures, it is good to be sure from the beginning that you can get one, especially if they will be used in extreme weather. Most modern innovations give numerous options for insulation.

Durability Challenge

Many people are right to think that temporary structures are not durable. Initially, these structures are made to solve short-term needs and emergencies like floods or any other. Most of them are designed using light gauge materials that will not last more than ten years even if they are not disturbed.

The good news is that most modern temporary building technology is innovative and has come up with more durable solutions. Before buying or using a temporary building, take time to research and understand this more. You can also discuss with the expert about the years you intend to use the structures so they can make designs and use materials that are more durable.


There are undoubtedly a couple of challenges to deal with when buying or using temporary buildings. We have discussed a couple of them and you can check more on the web to understand these structures better. Most importantly, check the solutions for the challenges and implement them well.

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