Trendy men’s sandals to pair with casual and classic fits

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Footwear is a vital element in fashion. There are numerous sites that put emphasis on women’s footwear, but very few that feature men’s footwear. We have a list of men’s sandals that you can pair with casual and classic outfits. Styling the proper footwear with an outfit will definitely make it more fashionable and sophisticated. They are perfect to wear with every look in this hot weather.

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Different varieties of men’s sandals

Sandals or chappals for men are the best choices of footwear in hot, humid weather. Therefore, we have created a list of top sandals that men can wear every day.

1. Classic sandals

Classic men’s sandals are the best option to pair indo-western ethnic clothes with. Light-coloured kurtas and teal jackets go well with dark-coloured sandals. You can also pair these with a sherwani and light-coloured pyjamas. They look amazing because of the designs in striated patterns, and they are also available in different colours that go well with Indian skin tone. They are undoubtedly comfortable to wear and provide a lightweight feel when walking. They are long-lasting, which makes them worth the money.

2. Colorful sandals

You can shop for vibrant coloured sandals online and make a statement every day. Chappals for men go perfectly well with casual fits on a bright, warm, and pleasant day. Try complementing them with dark blue jeans to achieve a more formal look. Some of these sandals also come with velcro closures and straps to ensure it fits your feet like a sock and maintain the appropriate amount of stability when walking.

3. Brown casual sandals

The evergreen, stylish, and sophisticated brown sandals look great with casual or ethnic outfits. You can pair these with a jacket of brown colour and white trousers to give off aesthetic vibes, or you can also try putting sherwanis of different colours. These sandals can be found online at affordable prices. The brown colour goes with every dark and light colour shade. Therefore, shop for these stylish sandals and make a statement. These classic men’s sandals are easy to wear and guarantee comfort.

4. Sporty sandals

There are numerous sporty sandals available in a wide range of colours like white, black, grey, etc. They look classy when paired with casual denim shorts and a plain tee. You can even wear turquoise, grey, or teal-coloured shorts. This combination is appropriate for the summer season as the colourful outfit is just comfortable enough to let you enjoy the breezy and warm weather. Cop these lightweights, durable and comfortable sandals, and stay in style.

5. Leather sandals

Leather sandals are the perfect party footwear choice. It goes extremely well with linen or cotton trousers. You can complement them with a light-material shirt or t-shirt if you want a more sophisticated look. Stay stylish by completing your look with some accessories. Leather sandals satisfy all your needs and more.

6. Floaters

The versatility of sandals goes a long way. The floater sandals come in a huge range of colors and designs. In addition, these are the most comfortable footwear of all. They could be worn with anything, whether it is an everyday outfit or travel wear. You can even wear these for short treks as they are highly reliable and easy to wear. They are undoubtedly a staple for men and kids worldwide as floaters are the perfect blend of comfort and style.

7. Slides

Slides are worn by people from almost every age group as they are highly convenient, versatile, and fashionable. These are considered one of the comfiest footwear. They have more oomph than any traditional sandals or even the popular flip-flops. All high-end fashionista has at least one pair of slides. These in-demand chappals for men come in a huge variety of colours, materials, sizes, and styles. They are extremely easy to wear as you can just slip them on and off as you go out of your house.

Features of Sandals

With the heatwave hitting people worldwide, sandals are an extremely popular choice amongst many. Features of sandals are:

  • Sandals with straps provide the much-needed support to move around and help to prevent friction.
  • Adjustable straps make them the perfect choice for people looking for flexibility.
  • Closed-toe sandals provide wearers with the benefits of both a shoe and a sandal as it almost covers the feet, ensuring support as well as space for breathing.
  • Most sandals are easy to wear. Therefore, they are the perfect option when you’re in a rush.
  • They can be found in a wide variety of styles, sizes, and colours.
  • Sandals give a stylish yet casual look.

These features of sandals have made them a popular choice for people.


When it comes to selecting a footwear option to wear in summers, men’s sandals are the most comfortable, lightweight, easy-to-wear, durable, yet stylish option loved by numerous people worldwide. Every individual, both men, and women should have at least a single pair of sandals in their wardrobes. You can now buy your preferred sandals online and get quality products at the best price.

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