True benefits of batch cooking

If you are new to batch or bulk cooking, it is likely that you do not understand the true benefits that are available to you. In fact, for some, it can seem like hard work – however, depending on how often you choose to cook will determine whether you spend one a week, a fortnight, or even a month cooking and the rest of the time enjoying you’re the fruits of your labors and relaxing. Of course, this mainly hinges on how big your freezer is, and how many people you are feeding.


1. Spend less time in the kitchen

As mentioned briefly above, batch or bulk cooking will inevitably lessen the amount of time that you spend in the kitchen. This is because it doesn’t take that much longer to cook a large batch of one meal than it does to cook a couple of portions. In fact, additional time is only spent on the preparation of the ingredients.

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Putting aside one day a week (or fortnight or longer) to batch or bulk cook a few different recipes can set you up for a stress-free, quick mealtime period until your precooked meals run out. Getting yourself organized will soon see that while you have your first recipe cooking, you can prep the second while that one is cooking, and the first is cooling, you will be able to concentrate on the third, and so on.

2. Reduce the temptation of take-outs

After a long and stressful day at work or dealing with the kids, often the first point of call for nourishment is that of the local take-out, especially when they are happy to deliver to your door. Having these delicious home-cooked meals close to hand and only minutes away from being dished up at the table and ready to eat can reduce the unhealthy temptation of the dreaded take-out. Therefore, providing you with no reason to spend the extra money.

Not to say that on occasion, these aren’t a welcome or deserved treat. However, they are generally less than healthy and contain high levels of fats, salt, and sugars, so they should not be an every day or every week event.

3. Eat healthy, nutritious home-cooked foods

Knowing exactly what you are eating and how much salt, sugar, and fat is included in the meal in front of you is a good thing. It can help you gain control of your health and your weight, as well as improve your mood and your cravings.

Home-cooked foods prepared and cooked from scratch are far more nutritious than even the frozen premade meals that you can buy from the local store. You will also find that by making your own, you will save money as ingredients tend to work out far cheaper due to the fact that you will be able to make far more than one portion out of the ingredients that you purchase.

Of course, you will also have the option to make other choices with the variety of vegetables and fruits that make up your meals, including opting for organic, fresh, or frozen, should you wish.

4. Buy ingredients cheaper

As already discussed, buying ingredients tends to work out far cheaper than purchasing prepackaged foods and meals and can also save on packaging. But it is not just the savings that can be made on fresh or frozen ingredients. When you are making your dishes, it is likely that you are going to need herbs and spices to make your cooking taste authentic. Although you can buy herbs fresh you will find that you do not get much for your money, in which case you will do better to buy the dried version.

Dried herbs and spices have long use by dates, and so are worth having in your store cupboard. They are also essential for certain recipes, and it is your choice as to whether you choose to use organic over ordinary-grown plants. Most of the dried herbs and spices can also be brought in large quantities, such as bulk organic garlic in a variety of different forms.

5. Everyone in the household can eat what they want

Invariably, especially where children are concerned, it can be hard to judge what meal will suit everyone. When you have a range of family favorite meals in the freezer, this complication and daily frustration can be removed. Even with a family of four, having everyone eat a different meal is not an issue as long as you have them premade and ported up in the freezer, ready to be warmed up in the microwave at a moment’s notice. It will ensure that your children are not living off of poor-quality foods that are full of unnecessary and unhealthy additives.

Of course, you could be faced with this issue even when there are not any children in the home. It is important that not everyone has the same taste or is likely to be in the mood for the same dish as others. But again, this is not an issue as you can ensure that different tastes or dietary requirements are well and truly catered for when you perform your batch or bulk cooking day.

A few final thoughts

As you can see, there is very little effort that needs to be made. Of course, you will have to make sure that you have all of the ingredients that you will require for the meals that you are choosing to cook, as well as have enough containers to put them in. Make sure that you write a note on each of the lids or at least attach a label so that you know what the containers hold, and you are free to get cooking.

Also, you should, before you start cooking, ensure that you have enough room in your freezer to cope with the sudden influx of food. Then there is nothing for it other than to turn up the music and enjoy your day being Queen or King of the kitchen.

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