TWIG, Jordanian agritech startup raises seed funding from Miqdadi

Jordan-based agritech startup TWIG, last week, announced that it has raised seed investment from Miqdadi Agricultural Materials Company (AMC). The financials of the funding deal were not disclosed.


The agritech startup is planning to utilise the funds by investing in its technology and expansion to other markets.

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Founded in 2019 by Ali Al Rawashdeh, Ayat Shahin, and Mohammed Al Houmsi, TWIG works as a mobile-first platform providing gardeners with integrated services and products such as landscaping and garden maintenance, making it easy for them to manage their business and workforce. The startup also offers software solutions for home gardening.

Speaking of the investment round, Mohammad Al Homsi, CEO of TWIG, in a statement said,

“We are looking forward at TWIG to creating a leading technological service component in the agricultural sector and making a quantum leap at the information and technical levels of operation, qualification, and automation using technologies and modern innovations and also contributing to improving the commercial spread of products and services on the global map, starting from the landscaping sector in Jordan, with the aim of expanding in the region and globally,”

Al Homsi added,

“We are proud of our partnership with AMC, which will provide us with the necessary support to enable us to achieve our vision and implement strategies faster and at a steady pace. AMC has been working in the agricultural sector for a long time, and I see that our partnership is integrative, bringing together a flexible and fast startup and a well-established company with experience and widespread in the same sector.”

TWIG also recently participated in the acceleration programme provided by HASSAD, that is specialised in supporting startups operating in the field of agricultural and food technologies. Speaking of the same, Mohammed Alafranji, programme manager at HASSAD, said,

“HASSAD recently started working with six new startup companies to accelerate their businesses within the second cohort of HASSAD’s business acceleration programme and during this current month, HASSAD began working on the third cohort of the acceleration programme, with the hope that this programme will result in qualifying several Jordanian pioneering companies specialised in the agricultural sector to be able to grow and influence the agricultural sector positively.”

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