Types of caps to rock your formal outfit

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Caps are one of those accessories that have the ability to enhance your entire appearance instantly.

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Caps are not just about protecting your head from heat, cold, or rain, but they can be employed to enhance your ensemble. Caps are the key fashioning pieces. Today, Caps for men come in various designs, styles, prints and colours to satisfy your various needs and requirements for several occasions. However, it is important to pair your cap well with the outfit to get the desired outcomes. Here are the five types of caps and Styling tips that inspire and encourage you to try your own hand at the classics.


When it comes to summer attire, you can anytime consider The Panama cap. This lightweight cap carries the finest ventilation making it ideal wear on a summer dress – pair black Panama cap with a grey or light blue full sleeve shirt and trousers. With its frisky yet manly aesthetic, a Panama hat has become the key piece for a look that is both casually elegant and thoroughly masculine.

Snapback Caps

Remember the trend we had in the 90s? It is now back! Yes, the trend of Snapback caps has come into play again, and it is now ready for another go-around. It is one of the important accessories that enhances the look of your modern formal attire while keeping you stylish and classy. To get the ultimate result and flaunt the style of your formal dressing, choose nominal style Snapback caps in solid colours and avoid extra bold prints or colours.

Flat Cap

A flat cap, also known as a cabbie cap, is one of the most trending and highly preferred designs of caps among men today. Whether you are planning to attend an official meeting or planning to flaunt your style on a movie date, the flat caps can cover a broad range of expectations easily. It can be found round with a small and stiff brim in front. The two very popular types of flat caps are golf flat caps and Irish flat caps. Pair your flat cap with a solid black or blue shirt with denim or grey trouser, and you are ready to rock.

A newsboy cap

Another type of cap that can grab the attention as you carry them is none other than a newsboy cap. A newsboy cap is more or less pretty similar to the flat caps; however, you won’t find floppy panels and a button on top. The best part of this cap is it can match any occasion and look incredibly stunning on anyone of any age. Found in cotton, wool, and tweed fabric, the newsboy cap is one of the highly comfortable caps. Pair your dark solid shirt with a light blazer and trousers with the newsboy cap and see the magic of this accessory.

Beret Cap

Is your collection of accessories in the wardrobe even complete without the Beret cap to all those men out there? Well, no! This round and regular crowned cap are indeed a must-have for anyone. Beret caps are one of the most elegant and classy caps today. Plus, these types of caps give you an instant French vibe! Giving your face the mysterious vibe, it is an incredibly stunning and stylish cap for anyone. Pair them with your formal black blazer and trouser to get the formal look to attend any official meeting. Add your favourite watch and leather formal shoe to get the instant classy look!

Baseball Cap

Let’s not forget one of the most stylish and highly preferred types of caps for men. Yes, you guessed it right. Worried about getting tanned as you attend official on-site meetings? Or are you wondering how to dress up to stay stylish, classy and comfortable? Here is your Baseball cap. Pair the dark solid coloured baseball cap with your checked blue shirt or dotted grey full sleeve shirt, and you are ready to flaunt your stylish look.

So next time you’re planning your next day’s official meeting or willing to attend an official seminar with your shoes on and bag all packed, try to integrate any of the caps as mentioned above for a formal look.

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