Denarii Cash signs strategic partnerships in 11 countries to offer digital money transfer services

Denarii Cash signs strategic partnerships in 11 countries to offer digital money transfer services
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Featured image: Jon Edward Santillan; Credits: The National

Dubai-based Denarii Cash, a mobile money transfer app for expatriates in the UAE, has recently announced that the company has signed strategic partnership agreements and expanded its network to 11 countries. Expatriates in the UAE are now able to remit cash via their smartphones to the Philippines, India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Kuwait.

The company has experienced a rapid spike in the number of users downloading the mobile application since March 2020. With this sudden surge in downloads, Denarii Cash has 1.1 million waitlisted users to be activated when compared to the 57,000 active users prior to the pandemic. In today’s world mobile cash remittances have become a necessity and is affordable, secure and easily accessible to customers.

Commenting on the announcement, Jon Santillan, founder and techpreneur said:

“As key players in the remittance field, since the beginning of the pandemic our team has worked tirelessly to hasten the process of signing partnership agreements with the different countries. Our ongoing strategy is to offer our remittance services to as many expatriates as possible in the UAE. Today, we are proud to have paved the way for our customers to digitally remit cash to 11 major countries and this was no easy task. We, at Denarii Cash, provide the highest exchange rate and charge the lowest transaction fees in the market. We are eagerly looking forward to further expand our services to several other countries in the near future.”

With Denarii Cash, users can set up a free account in minutes, pay bills by debit or credit cards, recharge accounts all at the comfort and safety of their homes. Its robust network provides free flow of money with ease from one country to the other with same-day delivery at low-cost transaction fees. Denarii Cash can be downloaded from App Store or Play Store.

Denarii Cash is backed and supported by leading venture capital firms 500 Falcons, MISK Innovation, and leading GCC angel investors.

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