UAE’s Workfam has been rewarded ‘Esteemed UAE Startup Unicorn 2020’ by the Startup Network

▸ Workfam’s employee engagement solution supports companies with their vision to create a happy, healthy, and highly engaged workforce.


Newly launched UAE-based HR Tech Startup, Workfam, was officially awarded the highly esteemed ‘UAE Startup Unicorn’ by The Startup Network this month. The Unicorn Battle, which took place across 27 countries, shortlisted 12 UAE startups to participate in the largest online startup event.

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The day kicked off with a panel discussion of experts from the venture market. They shared their own experiences, talked about the world’s current investment trends, and provided valuable advice. Following the discussion, each startup had 3 minutes to deliver their elevator pitch to investors, representatives of venture and seed-funds, heads of incubation and accelerator programs, as well as the owners and top managers of leading companies. The judges scored each startup based on their growth and investment potential.

Workfam ranked the highest average score and was awarded the UAE Unicorn 2020. The Dubai based HR Tech Startup, along with 49 other startups from around the globe, were then invited to participate at the 3-day Unicorn Cup Finals. Cameron Collins, Workfam’s founder comments,

“Investors recognize that companies globally are turning to HR Software, as they begin to roll out long term remote work policies. As most companies have already adopted basic online communication tools, they are now looking to invest in Enterprise Solutions that help them retain high levels of employee engagement, happiness and wellbeing.”

Workfam is a HR Software that supports organizations like Majid Al Futtaim with their vision to create a happy, healthy, and highly engaged workforce. The gamified employee engagement platform provides Employee Benefits, Corporate Wellness, Internal Communications, Pulse Surveys, and Reward & Recognition solutions. Now more than ever, companies are realizing the power of data driven decision-making. Workfam’s plug and play solution gathers, processes, and analyzes the information collected from your employees to enable actionable insights. Workfam’s dashboard measures and improves employee experience through the automated distribution of custom pulse surveys and enables organizations to remotely celebrate contract renewals, promotions, and work anniversaries. Companies can also encourage healthy internal competition by distributing work-points, recognizing with badges, and allow employees to redeem their work-points for rewards.

As organizations begin to align with UAE’s National Program for Happiness and Wellbeing, Workfam continues to leverage the four institutional enablers of Instilling Purpose, Promoting Health, Building Relationships and Fulfilling the Potential of your workforce.

After receiving valuable feedback and advise from the judges during the Unicorn Cup Finals, Workfam has pledged to build new features and solutions geared towards the modern remote Workforce, or as they like to call it, Workfam.

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