UAE’s du launches Video Calling App ‘YzerChat’

Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company (EITC), now called as ‘du’ has launched a new app ‘YzerChat’ that lets users make internet calls seamlessly.


Users can subscribe to Du’s monthly internet calling pack for Dh100 for a home package and Dh50 for a mobile package to get access to YzerChat along with BOTIM to make video calls and voice calls within UAE and across the world.

YzerChat is available in 16 languages including Arabic, English, French and Chinese. YzerChat features a language translation system which automatically translates chats into one of 16 languages that it comes with, including Arabic, French and Chinese.

Statement enclosing the launch

“At Du, we are constantly pioneering new ways to integrate cutting-edge technological capabilities into our customers’ lives,” said Fahad Al Hassawi Deputy CEO – Telco Services, EITC.”

“By empowering their every day with innovative additions to our Internet Calling Pack, such as the YzerChat app, we are thrilled to be enriching their connected experience and empowering them to enjoy seamless, hassle-free lifestyles.”

Fahad Al Hassawi – Deputy CEO, Telco Services, EITC

Source: Arabian Business

“YzerChat is brought to its users by a team of like-minded people from diverse countries, cultures, and backgrounds who speak 24 different languages.”

“United by a passion for innovative technologies and social networking, we have been developing YzerChat with an aim towards removing language barriers and providing multiple tools to enhance an unlimited social interaction. We hope that du’s customers enjoy using YzerChat to connect with their families, friends and business partners located all around the world as much as we do.”

Alibek Issaev – Founder, YzerChat

Source: Gulf Business

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