Here’s why do you need a Virtual Phone number for your business

Virtual Phone number business
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If you own a business or startup, and currently receiving calls from potential customers directly on your mobile phone, chances are, you are fed-up already. And that’s the chief reason why you need a virtual phone number to look professional to your customers or users.

There are many situations when you would need to use a temp SMS number, for example, you run a business, and you want to use several phones for customers from different countries. With a virtual number service, you can choose any country’s telephone code and easily conduct business around the world.

Benefits of a Virtual Phone number

Besides communication, a virtual phone number is also ideal to meet various other purposes – empowering your business operations with new-age technology. Let’s talk about those in detail.

1. Interactive Voice Response – IVR

A virtual phone number is not directly connected to a telephone line, but rather it channelises your inward phone calls across various internal phone numbers (VoIP) that belong to your various teams or departments. As soon as the user dials your given business number, she is presented with an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system, where she needs to press the desired digit as per the direction of IVR in order to connect to the relevant department in your company.

2. Secure Your Data with SMS Virtual Number

Today it is impossible to imagine life without social media. They are closely connected to every aspect of our lives, from relationships to business. To register, you have to give your personal information and enter your phone number. But what if you need to create a new account and don’t have another number? Or you simply don’t want to give your phone number because you don’t think this information should be on the Internet? There is an ideal solution for you, namely a virtual phone number to receive your SMS password for registration – your ultimate SMS virtual number.

3. Connect internationally affordably

Presenting your own mobile number to your customers is not just informal but also adds cost to your customers. Every time your foreign customer calls you on your direct mobile number, she bears additional telecon cost. Having a virtual phone number incorporated offers cost-effectiveness and flexibility to both you and your customers.

4. Customer Relationship Management

A virtual phone number keeps a record of all your telephonic communication, plus, it can also be integrated with your CRM – helping to backtrack customer information and previous communication easily – boosting your client management and client servicing operations

5. 24×7 Connectivity

It is vital to get all inward calls picked. It is not possible to keep up with all inward calls if you are operating through your personal mobile number. Also, customers can connect anytime, what if they call you at 2 AM in the morning? Will you be able to pick the call and address them? Definitely, a big No!

And your answer should be, a virtual phone number. As it works on a system where the user can dial the desired digit and get the immediate addressal and even leave a query which you can address later.

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