Simple ideas to make your wedding anniversary memorable

wedding anniversary ideas
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Featured image: Photo by Asad Photo Maldives from Pexels

As the years pass, the importance of marking the occasion of a wedding anniversary should similarly grow. All too often, it becomes something of an afterthought, and perhaps all that is needed to rejuvenate interest and rekindle that spark is a few moments of quiet contemplation on just how to make the occasion a memorable one.

1. A sense of the unique

As jaded as people become with the passage of time, one important key to making an anniversary celebration a memorable one is in remembering that every single relationship is unique.

What exactly drew two people together in the first place? What did each person admire in the other? What set that person apart from all the rest?

For friends and family celebrating a couple’s anniversary, there is another perspective, but it can be approached in exactly the same way – what sets the couple apart? From the outside looking in – what makes the celebrating couple unique?

Anniversary gifts should celebrate this uniqueness in some way. Whether the buyer is a husband, wife, friend or family member, spending a little quiet time contemplating just what it is that makes a partner, or couple, unique is a key starting point.

2. Break the routine

The reality of life is that everybody becomes a little jaded and starts to take things for granted over time. Love and marriage are quickly offset by the realities of daily life – making meals, getting the kids off to school, and the daily humdrum of working life.

The fact is everybody falls into some sort of a daily routine to some degree or other. So start by planning an activity that breaks that humdrum routine in some way. This might include:

Breakfast in bed

A simple step can make a big difference, and taking some time out to actually focus on the act of eating breakfast together rather than it being the everyday mandatory morning routine can make for a lovely start to that special day.

Stay at a Bed and Breakfast

Step up the whole breakfast idea, and go the next step. Booking into a cozy bed and breakfast spot even for the one day can make for a nice romantic interlude.

Have lunch outdoors

Get back to nature, or be inventive and take a picnic to a spot that evokes memories – perhaps a favorite haunt from distant youth, or the place where you first met. It can be amazing how good conversation and fond memories flow, just from re-visiting a long forgotten place.

3. Choose the music

Music is always the soundtrack to our lives, and almost everybody can relate to that feeling of being transported back to a certain time and place, when they hear a particular song from the past.

Spend a little time to compile a list of all the songs that had an effect on your lives – think back to earlier times spend together. As the years pass, so too will the musical memories which accompanied the passing of those years!

Put all the songs together like an old school ‘mix tape’ and play them over dinner or a relaxing moment on the couch with a favorite bottle of wine.

4. Let the good times roll

The perfect wedding anniversary celebration doesn’t necessarily have to be a wildly ostentatious, lavish affair. Follow your heart, and a few simple ideas and create a memorable occasion that will be remembered through the years.

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