What is DID Number Buying and How Do You Choose the Right Service?

IP telephony has become quite popular among Internet users in recent years. One of the services based on this technology is DID number. Another name is SIP, along with a definition of VoIP. The essence is the same – it is a virtual phone, which does not require physical carriers, such as additional equipment or SIM cards.


What Is a DID Number?

It’s a service that lets you stay in touch regardless of location. There are virtual DID numbers for call, which help forward a call to any convenient device for the subscriber – mobile or landline phone, SIP, etc.

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How Does the Number Work?

As it was mentioned before, such a service works based on IP telephony. This means that communication is not through traditional wired and wireless telephone networks but through the Internet.

For calls, any phone or gadget with a SIP softphone installed is suitable. For SMS, you will need either a phone, where they will be stored as ordinary messages, or e-mail, where a special archive is created in the box, adjusted so that any message or correspondence can be found literally in a couple of clicks.

What Services Are Provided Through a DID Number?

A DID number can be used for different purposes, depending on how it is used. We distinguish between the following types:

  • Multi-channel phone. Receive several calls at a time. This way, you won’t miss a single potential customer.
  • Virtual PBX. With virtual PBX, you can manage your calls and forward them to the device you want.
  • SMS. Sending and receiving messages wherever you are. In addition, all incoming messages can be sent to your mail.
  • FAX. All faxes from a virtual fax number are sent to your email. You can review them at your convenience. They will remain in your inbox until you delete them yourself.

The main purpose of a DID is to provide inexpensive communication of high quality and reliability. The very technology used to make calls ensured transmission speed and signal purity.

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