What you can do with a Graduate Certificate in Data Analytics

Pursuing a graduate certificate is a big decision. You know that you’ll be committing yourself to a lot of work so that you’re successful in your courses, but the goal is that you are then able to pursue your dream career. With that said, you must pick a path that will lead to employment, so doing your research and looking into the jobs that are in demand is always a good starting point.


For those considering a graduate certificate in data analytics, here’s a look at some of the jobs that will open up for you and their outlook.

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Data Analyst

The most obvious career path you can pursue with your graduate certificate in data analytics is the job of a data analyst. This job exists in a wide array of industries, so it opens a lot of paths. In this job, you’ll need to gather, review, and then interpret various data points. This data is then used to shape the decisions made by the company or organization to improve profitability, efficiency, and/or productivity.

Because data analysts are needed in so many different industries, there is a lot of potential out there.

Logistics Analyst

As a logistics analyst, you will be responsible for in-depth analysis of a company’s or organization’s supply chain. The goal is to ensure the supply chain is functioning efficiently without waste, and making tweaks where necessary. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, this job is expected to grow by 18% by 2032 and it has a median wage of $77,520 as of 2022.

The most common employers for logistics analysts include:

  • Manufacturing
  • Federal government
  • Scientific, professional, and technical services
  • Wholesale trade
  • Management of Companies
  • Marketing Analyst

Business Systems Analyst

Another way to make use of your graduate certificate in data analytics is to pursue a career as a business systems analyst. Businesses are always on the hunt for ways to better their processes and systems. The problem is that it’s not always evident where to make improvements and changes. This is when a business systems analyst comes in extremely handy. Their role is to collect data, analyze it, and then take those key findings and use them to shape processes and systems.

Because these professionals can help a company cut costs, speed up processes, and eliminate redundant or unnecessary systems, they are very much in demand.

Consider an Online Program

If this is a path that you think would be right for you, then it’s worth considering an online graduate certificate data analytics program. An online program tends to be more affordable and more flexible in terms of the schedule. It can even be possible for you to work full-time while obtaining your graduate certificate. Just be sure to look into the specific requirements for admission and any prerequisite courses.

Put Your Analytical Mind to Good Use

So if you have a natural ability to see things in a very precise and analytical manner, it may be worth looking into a graduate certificate in data analytics, as it’s an industry that is enjoying a lot of growth.


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