Where The Education System Is Going Wrong?

Education System comprises of two words i.e. ‘Education’ and ‘System’ but in my opinion both of these things are missing from our education system. According to Wikipedia, Education is the process of facilitating learning, or the acquisition of knowledge, skills, values, beliefs, and habits.Education has always been a medium to create a human out of a man. It has always evolved and adhered to the times. However, since the past few decades there have been various reasons why education has failed to achieve its collective objective. Quite a lot of teenage suicide cases have found its traces in the stress related to studies.


The business involved in the education

One of the major problem in the education system these days is the business involved in it. The privatization of the educational institution has shifted its aim from public welfare to profit maximization. This has been proved to be wrong on many levels. The IT raids on various educational institutions have exhorted crores of rupees not making them less than any scams. The recent Bollywood flick, Hindi Medium had exposed the business involved in  these educational institutions in an amazing manner and also the plight of the common people which constitute a major part of the population. Despite being a fundamental right, Education has become a game of the rich.

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The Government

It is quite surprising how most of the issues in the country somehow find its way till the government. The government holds the power to manage the flow of the money in the education sector. It should be its aim to keep a check on the flow of the money and also the wrongs happening in the sector.

Increase in the quality of the government schools is a need of the hour. Most of the evils that have crept in the education system is post privatization of the institution. The problem arises due to the lack of availability of good alternatives. It is important that the government schools get incentives to improve the conditions like infrastructure, Educated teachers and other necessary facilities.

Distortion of historical facts

Almost every History textbook around the globe has been modified in order to hide its own faults and create a sense of nationalism amongst the students. This has been not just restricted to the current times but has been followed since the time of World War 2. During his time of power, Hitler had used education as a tool to create a mass hatred against the jews by modifying the textbooks in the manner. The students in turn, started hating jews and blamed them for all their miseries and learnt to discriminate amongst them. Education is an important tool for moulding the future generations and any kind of distortions can have a critical impact.

The Reservations

The policy of Reservations had been introduced by Dr. Ambedkar for about 10 years to empower the backward classes which had immensely discriminated in the past. Using it as a tool to gain votes, Political Parties stretched the policy keeping it functional till today. Sadly, the time has come that the General students have started to be discriminated against. There have been cases that the deserving General Category students lose out on seats and a ST/SC/OBC students tends to take away the seat with half the percentage. Apart from the reservations, the minority quota in the institution have stolen the healthy competition amongst the students.

The Cutoffs

The Delhi university’s cut off’s of 99% makes it unnecessary to say anything further. The extremely high cut-offs make it not only difficult for the students to get into their desired course/college but also start an unhealthy competition and a lowered self esteem in the students. The admissions have become one of the major causes of stress in today’s time making people do anything for it.


The exams no longer test the intelligence of the students, rather test the memory of the students. The hypocrisy practiced by schools of teaching not to take bribes but accepting large amount of donations is quite questionable. It is quite sad that the schools graduate functional machines rather than intelligent and aware humans these days. Like it said that Everyone is a genius but if a tree is judged by its ability to climb a tree, it will spend its entire life assuming that it is stupid.

Improvement of government schools, Focus on all round education and a healthy competition is a need of the hour.

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Anam Mirajkar
Anam Mirajkar

Anam Mirajkar is a media student from Mumbai, part of the editorial team at LAFFAZ. Loves exploring the startup ecosystem and also writes about culture and entertainment.

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