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Despite its reputation for parties and beach fun, Goa is not just a destination for high-octane adventure and recreation. This tiny state has many wonderful secrets, some that require the visitor to take a pause and soak in the surroundings. A laid-back and slow-moving holiday is a perfect antidote to a year full of hard work and grind. With a car rental app, trips can be planned quite easily. Here are some of the more idle places to visit in India’s Sunshine State.


Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary

The mangroves of Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary simmer in the sun and the green waters, providing a surreal sight. The tropical setting is perfect for a bird watching adventure. Some of the most famous feathered inhabitants at the Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary include bitterns, ospreys, kites, jack snipes, and the western reef heron. The paved path inside the park allows visitors to have a comfortable hike and the shutterbugs can capture some of the very picturesque scenery. The Mandovi River is the lifeline of this region and it has many river islands before it meanders into the sea. One can enjoy a boat ride in some areas to feel the beauty of the riverine landscape up close.

Food Exploration in Panaji

Panaji, usually considered a stop on the way to the seaside hubs, has its own unique charm. This is exemplified best in its diverse cuisine. An exploration of Panaji’s eateries can be the ideal theme for a day of sightseeing (and tasting). One needs to start with the famous cultural marriage that is Goan-Portuguese cuisine. The Hospedaria Venite is a famous eatery in the state capital where guests can gorge on beef steaks and stuffed crabs. Mum’s Kitchen is another popular culinary institution here – its menu spans the best of Goan Hindu cuisine along with some of the meatier Portuguese favourites.

Down the Road is a watering hole that needs to be visited. Apart from a fully stocked bar, its location on the riverside and its heritage architecture will certainly make for a memorable evening.

Drive around the countryside

Inland Goa does not have the same flock of tourists crowding it up and a visit into the rustic interiors is recommended for those who want to experience the authentic culture of Goa. Aldona and Azossim are some of the prettiest villages in the state. Along with traditional Portuguese baked items, one can explore the quaint churches of the region, some which are several centuries old.

Choose the most independent way to travel

How can one explore Goa in anything but a self drive rental? It offers privacy and complete freedom to change routes, take detours and make impromptu stops – just the way a road trip is supposed to be. It is easy to find a car rental in Goa. App-based platforms like Zoomcar offer the widest range of cars – from hatchbacks and sedans to SUVs. 24/7 on-road support adds an extra layer of security which is very reassuring for long trips.

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