Why is everyone upgrading to an electric car?



Electric Vehicles (EVs) are the future. They are crucial to reducing the total carbon footprint and preserving our environment. Unfortunately, carbon emissions from petrol and diesel-based cars are constantly adding to the pollution. With new technology in the market, many car manufacturers have shifted focus from IC engines to electric ones.

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The world was surprised by the introduction of electric cars since most never even considered an alternative was available. Leading car companies like Tesla started a revolution that all manufacturers wanted to be part of. With the introduction of the new Tesla Model 3, the advancement in technology is visible.

With electric cars dominating the world scene, governments are upgrading infrastructure for electric charging stations, and most large cities and highways have charging stations. Let us look at why everyone is upgrading to an electric car.


Maintenance of electric cars is much less than petrol-powered ones. Since there is no ‘engine’ maintenance, users save hundreds on oil and engine maintenance checks. Your vehicle also has to go to the service centre only once a year, instead of twice a year or as requested.

Users have also claimed that since they are spending on electrical charging, the money on petrol and diesel has decreased drastically, allowing them to increase monthly and annual savings. Since the per unit cost of electricity is much cheaper than petrol, many owners find the cost efficiency of using electric cars much better.


Time saved each day is much better using an electric car than a petrol car. For example, if you read the Hyundai Kona Electric Review, you will see that the time spent travelling to and fro without waiting in queues at petrol pumps and stations is a lot lesser in the long term.

You also save plenty of time on charging the car daily since you can easily connect the EV to an electrical port at night. Doing this not only saves time but also increases the efficiency of the EV. This convenience of having a drive-ready car at all times is possible only with the use of electric vehicles.

Reduced Oil Dependency

It’s no news that fossil fuels are scarce. Considering that electrical energy can be harnessed through wind and water sources, it is cheaper and better than oil dependency. An increase in per capita consumption of electrical energy decreases nationwide dependence on oil resources and imports.

Most nations that are currently oil-dependent are desperately trying to upgrade to electric vehicles and decrease overall dependency on fossil fuels. Reduced oil dependency reduces daily expenditure and decreases the country’s debt and dependence on foreign countries.


While most think of air pollution as the only factor, we tend to forget about noise pollution. Combustion engines are pretty loud and many times give people a splitting headache. The best part about electric vehicles is the silence. Since they do not run on IC engines, they make hardly any sound. A soft purr and your car are off!

In fact, many users have claimed to check their cars at traffic lights just to ensure the vehicle is still on and hasn’t stalled. Since the cars make no noise, the pollution decreases, leading to lowered stress levels in drivers and more peace on the roads.

Long Lasting

What’s the one thing all owners want from their cars? Value for money! Since EVs do not have IC engines, an electric vehicle has fewer moving parts, leading to lesser wear and tear. Less loss tends to increase the lifespan of an object – just like in electric cars.

In the long term, electric cars are longer lasting with lesser wear and tear than petrol or diesel-powered engine cars. Another benefit to longer-lasting parts is that there is also less wastage in un-salvable auto spare parts.

Government Incentives

Since most global governments are encouraging people to shift from classic cars to modern EVs, there are plenty of tax incentives and even some write-offs. Some of these government incentives could include rebates or part exemptions.

Individuals with stressed taxes should start switching to EV vehicles to benefit from government tax relief and save more money in the long term.

There are many other benefits to upgrading to an electric car. Chief among these are that electric vehicles encourage constant upgrading via new technology, the energy is cheaper, and it is a status symbol. Electric cars are excellent options compared to petrol-powered ones in the long term.

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