Workfam – Online corporate Wellness Platform offers UAE wellness industry free access as a COVID-19 revival

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▸ Workfam’s employee engagement solution connects Dubai’s Fitness Sector to employees and employers across the region,

Cutting-edge solutions to help businesses streamline their operations and increase efficiency.
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▸ The platform aims to promote online services, target corporate clients and boost revenue.

The newly-launched HR tech startup, Workfam is providing its corporate-wellness platform free-of-charge to the heavily-hit health & wellness industry of the UAE, to boost exposure, promote their services and gain clients from large corporations, to ultimately boost revenue and footfall.

The COVID-19 outbreak has left Dubai’s health and wellness industry desperate for business and struggling to stay afloat. As wellness facilities begin to open their doors, their road to recovery is hindered by capacity limitations enforced by social distancing rules and regulations. In search for additional revenue streams, many of these struggling businesses are shifting their classes to the virtual world and turning to streaming options, riding the current online wellness wave. The newly-launched HR Tech Startup, Workfam, designed to boost employee engagement and wellness, provides a platform for the health and wellness industry to promote their services, target corporate clients and boost footfall and occupancy. With this industry experiencing a drastic decline in sales, Workfam is offering free-of-charge access to their services to support the industry in getting back on track.

As marketing budgets are slashed globally, it is crucial for these businesses to source affordable and effective marketing channels. With Workfam, businesses in the wellness sector can significantly reduce costs associated with marketing, lead conversion, and operations, supporting them with their COVID-19 recovery plan. From Yoga to Cooking Classes, Painting to Public Speaking, Workfam’s platform supports businesses of all shapes and sizes, and brings individuals of all interests together. Corporate companies and their employees can browse through a database of online wellness services to book, schedule and plan an online wellness day or week.

To date, Workfam has partnered up with large corporations such as Majid Al Futtaim and over 70 wellness facilities, offering more than 200 corporate wellness discounts to all employees. Businesses can create custom corporate offerings with dynamic discounts based on popular days and peak hours. Workfam has considered parameters like ‘minimum volume requirement’ and ‘confirmation deadlines’ when creating a corporate wellness discount. These parameters automate the booking process, reducing the amount of energy and time required for follow-ups and confirmations.

HR departments across Dubai’s Corporate companies recognize that they need to replace the ‘water cooler conversations’ with fun virtual events, making them the perfect target audience for Online Wellness. Workfam’s client, Majid Al Futtaim, recently utilized Workfam’s solution to plan, promote and track attendance for their Virtual Wellness Week. Their employees enjoyed online sessions that included a Nutritional Workshop, Yoga Sessions, Mobility and Posture, Body Weight HIIT Class, Bollywood Dance Workshop, Hip Hop Dance Workout and much more.

Workfam is committed to supporting the health and wellness industry as well as corporate companies across Dubai, providing solutions that assist with their COVID-19 recovery plans.

Wajiha Wahab
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