Zvesta, proptech company raises $5.5 Mn from Hindustan Media Ventures Ltd

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New Delhi, February 2020: Zvesta, Proptech Company based in Gurugram has raised USD 5.5 million from Hindustan Media Ventures Limited. The company shall utilise the raised capital to build its brand & collaborative marketing for real Estate Aggregation across the country. Its primary focus is on building alliances and partnership across India strengthening through its technology product.

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Zvesta founders adorn the different cultures and professional backgrounds feel an instant connect with the Real Estate Community, given their shared sense of understanding and experience for maturing Zvesta to the next level in business. The company founders Rajan Dang, a multi-domain industry Leader in Banking, FMCG, Ecommerce & Real estate, and Anushree Srivastava, in past was Joint General Manager / IT of IRCTC handling INR 5,000 Cr Revenue Portfolio, built SAAS platform and set up new revenue streams for the corporation who have a decade experience working in the E-commerce and technology space.

ZvestaPro is the real estate SAAS solution for the government, builders & developers, Brokers using the Zvesta Pro with standard SaaS solutions for Builders with a centralized engine. It will also host inventories constructed that will be categorized and exposed for consumer, sentiments.

In addressing the fundraiser Rajan Dang, Founder & CEO of Zvesta said,

“Indian real estate estimated to 13% GDP, 1trillion US$by 2030. Real estate Investments has two side RISK vs STABILITY. Currently the Indian real estate is in the stand still that will be opportune to bigger asset valuation if and only if the real estate market is lured with sane investments with transparency and accountability. Real estate is a deficit of trust, Legitimacy of transactions for Brokers, buyers, Developers will be built through Zvesta.”

The Target benefits significantly from a first-mover advantage domestically as other on-line real estate services. Zvesta is taking advantage of the newly established governmental Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) which regulates the real estate sector and compels all builders and developers to register their new and ongoing projects with it. Affordable housing has caught up, the government in order to focus on affordable housing has to mandate the use of technology to source all inventories and land parcels being allocated to each project. Likewise, post built of the inventories the buy and sell should be made transparent.

According to Anushree Srivastava, Co-founder and CIO – Zvesta, feels that Collaboration is the call of the era in Real Estate. The synergy for all influx and exodus to any system is imperative. Citing an example at the airport if collaborative technology is not used at the Airport there would be total mismanagement of the consumer and air traffic. At Zvesta, to gain fulfilment of business for E-Mitras, Dept of Information Technology, Rajasthan, Other counters it is important to maintain transparency. Hence the flow of the transaction that captures consumer sentiments, Lead flow, sale closure that may not be handled, all directly by one stakeholder, hence imperative for collaboration through technology ZVESTA PRO.

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