5 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying YouTube Views

YouTube is one of the most widely used and fastest-growing social networking sites today in the digital landscape. Besides entertaining and educating the audience through different types of content, this video-sharing platform becomes the best portal to share the content, reach the target audience, and gain the fame you dream of.


Many people have leveled up their success after creating YouTube channels and sharing their unique content which their audience always wants to watch. It doesn’t matter whether you are a homemaker, professional, hobbyist, cook, makeup artist, comedian, or something else, anyone can launch their new career and create their own presence in the digital world through YouTube.

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The major challenge is how to get people to watch your content and show engagement. This is extremely difficult for beginners because the audience needs social proof for the credibility and popularity of content. The better social proof your channel or video provides, the more user engagement rate you will gain. When people see lots of views on any content, they are more likely to watch it. This is why content creators buy YouTube views to jumpstart their organic growth.

Determine Your Purpose of Buying Views

Before investing in purchasing views, know the purpose of your purchase. It wouldn’t be a fruitful decision if you are buying views just because someone recommends you it is an excellent strategy. However, if you are doing that for a certain goal like ramping up organic interactions with your posts, boosting engagement for your channel, or some other valid reason, buying views will be a great option.

Don’t Do These Mistakes When Purchasing Views

There is nothing wrong with purchasing views as most popular YouTubers and beginners are practicing this trick to overcome the distance of becoming a hero from zero. Just make sure you don’t make the following mistakes that most content creators usually do.

1. Selecting an unreliable service provider

The main mistake that most YouTubers or content creators make is choosing any unreliable and unverified service provider randomly without getting valuable insights about them. Selecting unknown providers just by getting impressed by their cheaper packages and the highest number of views is not the right choice.

Not all providers offer real and high-quality views. Some providers offer views generated using bots or software. Purchasing fake or poor-quality views can harm the reputation of your YouTube channel and result in getting your account banned or deleted by YouTube for breaching the Terms of Services or Policies of YouTube.

So, choose a trustworthy service provider after checking their privacy policies, reviews, ratings, payment options, delivery timeframe, and quality & authenticity of views. FBPostLikes is known for helping its clients successfully, organically, and legally increase social metrics like views, subscribers, comments, likes, etc. for YouTube and other social networking sites.

The views come from real users who are actively running their accounts on the platform. Thus, there is no risk of a decrease in views but an assurance of receiving an organic increase in engagement.

2. Buying multiple views at once without determining their source

As discussed above, some providers use unethical methods like computer programs to create views, it is the biggest mistake to skip inquiring about the source of views you’re buying. Make sure that the views you are purchasing are sourced ethically and legally and come from authentic YouTube viewers to avoid penalties and other negative outcomes.

Once you inquire about the sources of views, don’t make the mistake of purchasing lots of views at once. This may seem like a suspicious activity for YouTube and may not support this practice. The sudden increase in the number of views in huge amounts will be considered inorganic growth which is against the Terms of Services of YouTube. So, to avoid triggering suspicion of YouTube and make it appear organic to the platform’s algorithm, gradually increase the view count.

3. Depending only on purchased views

Another common mistake that some YouTubers make is that they consider buying YouTube views as the only effective strategy to boost their presence on the platform. Remember, the success and popularity of a channel don’t rely solely on purchased views.

Organic growth matters a lot, and this comes from keeping existing audiences engaged and attracting new subscribers by creating and sharing high-quality content. Sustainable growth requires creating an authentic community of viewers. This may need cross-promotion with trending YouTubers, promoting your channel over other social networking sites, improving the session time of your channel, getting featured on YouTube’s homepage, and more organic techniques.

4. Skipping user engagement

Yes, purchasing real and quality views can increase your view count and boost your chances of increasing engagement, but it doesn’t guarantee engagement. Ignoring the need to strengthen real connections with your target audience can lead to a disconnect between engagement metrics and view count.

Thus, keep putting in your best possible effort and responding to your audience by replying to their comments, answering their questions, and thanking them for showing their interest in your posts and channel.

5. Neglecting to monitor your channel

Just creating a YouTube channel, uploading informative content, and promoting it over other platforms is not the right strategy. You often require monitoring your channel’s growth and performance. Stay updated on fluctuations in key metrics, user engagement, and audience behavior. Monitoring your channel’s performance will help you identify any unusual activity and make required adjustments.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, consider purchasing YouTube views as one of the strategies to quickly boost your view count. Don’t assume views bring growth automatically. The content quality, audience engagement, authenticity of views, YouTube SEO fundamentals, ranking in search engine results, and uploading videos at the right time truly matter.

When purchasing views, just be sure your strategy remains sustainable and ethical. So, choose a trustworthy provider after getting valuable insights into its reliability, source, quality of views, and overall performance. Buy a small number of views in the starting and slowly increase the quantity, specifying your target audience.


Staff writer at LAFFAZ, Asiya is a keen collector of lesser-known yet significant facts and stories from all across the world and loves presenting them to the masses through her writings.

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