5 Ways to promote your YouTube channel on Instagram

Marketing on Instagram is becoming increasingly vital as the platform grows in popularity. As a result, Instagram is an excellent location for a new YouTube channel to market it. Since there are more than a billion active Instagram users, the odds of receiving greater exposure through Instagram are incredibly high, making it highly crucial. 


Instagram makes it easy to create video content; therefore, promoting YouTube videos isn’t difficult. Everyone, however, needs help in order to achieve success. Buying Instagram followers is a great technique to obtain great results. It’s a good idea to promote your YouTube videos on Instagram because it benefits both Instagram and your YouTube channel. However, there is still more available.

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In addition to this Instagram is used by many people to market their YouTube channels. As a result, their existing fan base increases, and their YouTube channel sees noticeable rapid growth. It’s possible for you to do the same. Instagram can help you market your YouTube channel in five ways.

Use IGTV and Instagram stories to market your content

The greatest option is using Instagram Stories and IGTV to post long YouTube videos. Using geotags, stickers, and hashtags in your content is ideal for connecting with other people who share your interests. People are drawn to stories that include tags and stickers. IGTV posts can also have the swipe-to-additional feature. A professional IGTV video might be a great addition to your Instagram stories. IGTV is a great place to post Behind the Scenes footage, so include a link to the complete YouTube video. This is a tried-and-true method of attracting new subscribers to your YouTube channel.

Usage of group DM

Individuals that share common interests form DM groups. Unless you participate in the work of others, no one will read or comment on yours. In these DM communities, you can meet a lot of powerful people in this particular sector. The best method to learn how to expand your channel on YouTube is to join DM groups run by Instagram influencers who also have channels on that platform. A DM group grows in size as more people join it. In the end, it’s a win-win situation for both of you. We learn more and become more creative when we interact with other people’s work.

Reposting accounts to be tagged

You can boost the number of people who follow and subscribe to your YouTube channel by strategically tagging and reposting accounts. Leverage the reach of pages with millions of followers by reposting your content and tagging them. Every post that links to a reputable reposting page in your niche should include that URL.

Using Instagram to promote your YouTube content is a savvy move, especially since the audience is already interested in your field. To make this process even more effective, you can use TubeBuddy’s Tag Explorer feature to find the most relevant and high-performing tags for your YouTube videos, ensuring that they get maximum exposure when reposted.

Buy Instagram followers

Instagram is a social media platform where individuals follow others, thus having a following helps. Let’s get this straight. The more Instagram followers you have, the more people assume that your material is worthwhile and begin following you. This is a common way of behaving, and you should take advantage of that. As soon as the algorithm detects that you’ve purchased Instagram followers, it will display your followers to others in the same niche. In order to gain many YouTube subscribers, you only need to have a large Instagram following.

Get people to respond

In your captions, be sure to nudge readers to take some sort of action. Using this method, YouTube views increase as a result of individuals thinking in a certain way. A simple “sign up” or “click here” CTA can help your YouTube channel be discovered. CTAs on articles are now being used by significant names in the business to generate more traffic to their YouTube channels.

Starting up a YouTube channel is never an easy task, and neither is promoting it any easier. It takes a lot of work and effort, but we live in a society where you can get things with the click of a button. And so If you want to succeed on YouTube, you need to understand how the platform works and how to expand. Starting out on YouTube, cross-platform promotion is essential. You’ll gain a lot of attention if you follow these guidelines. Good luck until then!


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