Anil Valluri joins Google Cloud India as Senior Director

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Google Cloud has reportedly appointed Anil Valluri as Senior Director for Google Cloud in India. The announcement came yesterday and Karan Bajwa, Managing Director, Google Cloud India in a statement said,

“Anil has led some of the biggest technology MNCs in India and his experience will be invaluable as we continue our charter to help companies solve their most complex business and technology challenges. I look forward to working with Anil to deepen our customer engagement, expand on our strategic partnerships, and deliver advanced solutions to help companies in India accelerate their data-led innovation.”

Valluri holds over 30 years of experience across sales and marketing domains in the hi-tech industry. He has headed various technology transitions in India for customers in banking, telecommunications, public sector and manufacturing sectors. He has worked at senior-level positions at companies including Sun Microsystems, Compaq, NetApp and more.

Talking about the development, Valluri said,

“Cloud is the next big transition in the technology industry and Google has been making major strides in this space. I’m excited for this new opportunity to help businesses of all sizes in India succeed in this rapidly digitizing economy.”

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