Top apps and sites to order medicine online in India

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Buying medicines these days can put a huge dent in your finances. The prices of these essentials are literally touching the sky. Thus, to cope up with these increasing prices, you can switch to buying your medicines online. There are a ton of medicine sites available on the internet that will deliver the meds to your doorstep and that too at extremely affordable prices! Here are some of the Top medicine sites to look for in India.

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How often do we tend to ignore a sign given by our body thinking that it is not big enough to visit a doctor? All the time right. However, with Lybrate you don’t have to do that anymore. You can post all your questions to the doctors and get answers to even the simplest and also the most complex questions. They are willing to clear all of your queries. Apart from that with Lybrate, you can book a consultation with a doctor and also book lab tests. Plus, they have a range of medicines that they deliver to your abode, at great prices! Book your medicines with Lybrate Coupons to get them at the best price.


If you are a resident of any metro city, you can leave your worries of booking lab tests, or buying medicines or getting your body care essentials with Netmeds. They deliver all these to your doorstep in just a day. Dealing with any disease is a difficult task; it hampers your mental health too. With Netmeds, you can learn about patients who have similar diseases like you and read about their stories. They also have a health tracker which helps you maintain a record of your health. It’s one sign up and unlimited benefits with Netmeds.


This site is one of the most affordable sites for medicine in India. With yearlong offers and discounts, you can get your meds at extremely pocket-friendly prices on this site. You can get up to 20% off on your regular orders and also an additional cashback of 10% on your first order. So, hurry as this could be your last chance to get your finances back on track.


Be it fitness supplements, sexual wellness products or even healthcare devices, like masks, oximeters, thermometers and more, you can get it all at 1mg. They offer a one-day delivery guarantee along with a few bumper discounts on bulk orders. So, you can now, order all your daily essential medicines along with skincare, hair care and wellness products and save a ton on it! With offers this great, we don’t see a point in not signing up today, hurry up to visit their page now!

Apollo Pharmacy

With the Apollo hospitals providing the best of healthcare, their online pharmacy is their addition to serve the people more. They are one of the largest medicine store chains in India with over 3500, stores across the country and now, they have their amazing service on the online platform too. They have a hassle-free process. You can simply upload your prescription and voila! Your medicines will reach home in no time!

So, get all your daily essential medicines straight to your doorstep with these. Say no to standing in long queues and worrying about the purity of the meds, these got you covered.

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That was our list of top mobile apps and websites for purchasing medicines online in India – based on an internal survey. What’s your favourite one, let us know in the comments.

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