Bengaluru’s Upscale raises $250K pre-seed funding from Powerhouse Ventures, Java Capital & GSF Accelerator

Bengaluru, India-based Upscale, a new-age B2B sales engagement startup, has recently raised pre-seed funding of $250,000 led by Powerhouse Ventures, Java Capital, and GSF Accelerator. The funding enables Upscale to expand its market reach and bring unparalleled automation to the B2B inside sales industry through the sales acceleration platform.


Upscale’s AI-powered sales engagement platform, launched in January 2021, empowers B2B inside sales teams to book more meetings faster and maximize revenue growth. The platform allows sales representatives to streamline their prospecting process through a multi-channel outreach that includes emails, phone calls, LinkedIn actions, text messages, and more. It also gives sales leaders team-level performance reports and insights on buyer sentiments. This unified platform has supercharged sales teams’ productivity across companies selling SaaS products in the US and Europe.

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This product is the brainchild of co-founders Yeshu Singh, Sandeep Singh, and Amit Mastud, and is poised to revolutionize the sales engagement space. The team comes armed with valuable entrepreneurial experience in the B2B tech industry, which not only makes them privy to the complex challenges faced by inside sales teams but also better equipped to design the best solution.

Reflecting on the inception of this tech platform, Sandeep Singh, Co-Founder of Upscale said,

“The very nature of B2B sales translates to a lot of back and forth and manual hours spent doing grunt work. We, at Upscale, believe there is a lot of potential in how B2B technology innovation can transform sales performance, and enhance productivity. Our technology simplifies the sales outreach process and provides an intuitive tool for sales teams to achieve targets without the heartache.”

Vinod Shankar, Co-Founder and Partner, Java Capital says,

“Building from India for the world, especially in the SaaS domain, has gained significant traction in light of the pandemic, and this trend is only expected to accelerate in the near future. We see significant potential in building SaaS tools like Upscale in the sales engagement space, and we have a strong belief in the tenacity and grit of Upscale’s founders, with two of them being second-time founders.”

Upscale plans to expand its customer base in the US over the next few months.

Speaking of company’s mission, Yeshu Singh, Co-Founder, Upscale, said,

“We’re excited to bring Upscale’s advanced sales engagement platform to sales development representatives who are on the frontline acquiring new prospects every day. They have been successfully brute-forcing daily activities so far but with this solution, they can now automate their tasks and focus only on what truly matters – selling! Feedback from our existing customer base of global companies is a testament to the product doing the right thing.”

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