Best Mobile Application Development Courses in India

Best Mobile Application Development Courses India
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Mobile Computing is the present and future of technology. Apps behave differently on different interfaces and should be designed so that the user gets the most out of it irrespective of the media they use it on. This is where Mobile Application Development comes into the picture. It deals with designing efficient apps for mobiles, that are easy to use and provide the most they can to its users.

History of Mobile Application Development

Apps have been there well before the era of Smartphones. They were used on Laptops, Desktop Computers, and other electrical gadgets. However, with the introduction of handheld devices, there was a need to develop apps that cleverly incorporate features of a smartphone to offer more functionality to its users. The Future of Mobile Application development in India is a promising one with a lot of potential for growth and variety.

Career and Scope of Mobile Application Development in India

IT Jobs no matter what kind are the most high-paying jobs in our country. As per predictions and forecasts, this trend is not likely to change anytime soon. With even a little programming and computing knowledge one can easily pick up other IT skills in the market. The Scope of Mobile Application Development in a country full of engineers and smartphone addicts is only going to increase.

Why build a career in Mobile Application Development?

A career in Mobile Application development would enable you to work on a variety of projects and stay updated with all changes in the field of Technology. You can stay assured your skills will not get outdated anytime soon.

Job Opportunities in Mobile Application Development

A certificate in Mobile App Development can help you diversify your job opportunities. You can do freelance work or work for a company as an app developer or GUI designer. You can even apply for the post of software engineer in companies that are in need of app developers.

Packages offered

The average earnings of a Mobile App Developer are 3.5 Lakhs per annum and can even go up to 10 Lakhs per annum. Since there are new technologies every other day, people fluent in a wide range of programming languages can demand high packages.

Qualifications Required

IT is a field that welcomes people from all backgrounds. For a job as a Mobile App developer you can be a graduate of any stream or discipline. The only requirement is that you are well-versed in whatever skills are required for the job.

Indian Institutes providing Mobile Application Development and related courses

Today, Android App Development is a part of any degree-level Computer Science course in India. So if you’re anyway pursuing a BTech or a BSc, there is a good chance you have some app development knowledge. However, training programs from a good training centre gives you hands-on industry experience. Here are a few popular Mobile Application Development Courses in India.

1. Coding Ninjas – NCR

Coding Ninjas offers training programs for various computer-related skills. Most of the courses offered are closely related to what is in demand at present. Coding Ninjas also keep a low student to mentor ratio. After the course is completed they even help you with the hiring process, in case you are looking for a job. At present, it is offering an advanced Android Application Development Course.

2. Mobignosis – Bangalore

Yet another training centre that focuses exclusively on IT training programs, Mobignosis offers various Mobile Application Development certifications, camps, and workshops. It has brief as well as extensive in-depth programs. Its offerings include:

  • iOS Program
  • Android Program
  • Hybrid Mobile Application Development Course

3. Aptron – Delhi