BharatPe Fraud – Ashneer Grover with wife Madhuri Jain stopped at Delhi airport amid EOW investigation

Ashneer Grover, the former managing director of fintech startup BharatPe along with his wife Madhuri Jain were stopped at the Delhi IGI airport on Thursday amid the ongoing investigation by EOW (Delhi Police’s Economic Offences Wing) of BharatPe fraud. Grover was traveling to New York.


On Friday morning, the EOW sent summons to Ashneer and Madhuri’s Delhi residence – asking them to join its investigation in a case in which recruitment firms linked to Grover and his family members allegedly used backdated invoices to siphon funds from BharatPe.

In December last year, the fintech company filed a complaint against Grover, who is one of its co-founders, his wife Madhuri, and other family members for allegedly carrying out a fraud of INR 81 crore.

Following the EOW order, Grover in a long post on X (formerly Twitter) shared that he never received any communication from the EOW since May 2022 until Friday.

In a post on X, Grover said he would cooperate with the probe. He said he had not received any communication from the EOW since May last year, when the case was filed, until Friday.

“I had not received any communication or summon from EOW since FIR in May till 8 AM today 17 morning (7 hours after returning from airport); I was going to US from 16-23 November; Flight left in meantime anyways – EOW folks directed Immigration to let us out so that we can return home; Today morning EOW summon was home delivered – will cooperate as always,”

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