[Breaking] Biogreen with TATA Motors develops world’s first biodegradable & compostable bubble wrap

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Bengaluru, India-based biotechnology startup Biogreen today told LAFFAZ that the company has successfully developed world’s first biodegradable and compostable bubble wrap in association with TATA Motors. The sustainable plastic-free alternative to the regular bubble wraps for usage in packaging of fragile or breakable items. The company is expecting the utilisation of this eco-friendly bubble wrap from the companies and startups working in the e-commerce and automobile sectors globally.

As we know that plastic products are made with fossil fuels and chemical filters which are harmful to the environment, Biogreen products are made from natural starch, vegetable oil derivatives and waste. The products toxin-free, 90 percent transparent and looks completely like plastic.

Biogreen’s founder Mohammed Sadiq in a statement told LAFFAZ,

“Having developed a series of 100 percent recyclable eco-friendly products including garbage bags, grocery bags, tableware; we have brought this another essential alternative to plastic to change the behaviour and make the world a better place.”

Biogreen said that the amount of plastic bubble wrap produced annually is enough to wrap the equator 10 times and it pollutes the mother earth indefinitely. Which is why Biogreen and TATA Motors have come as a synergy to eliminate this insane usage of plastic. Sadiq added

The first trail lot of the eco-friendly bubble wrap has been delivered to TATA Motors and after filing for a patent, Biogreen will start mass-production to cater to the industry.

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