Board Infinity launches #learnsafeonline campaign in the wake of Coronavirus

▸ The campaign is an initiative by Board Infinity startup urging students and working professionals to learn as well as donate a small amount of INR 10 towards Corona Virus Relief Fund


The Coronavirus that has been pandemic as a pandemic by the World Health Organisation (WHO) has led to the closure of corporates, institutions, educational institutions across the globe. At the same time, digital avenues like online education or e-learning have come to the rescue. Kerala government has already announced that it will provide extra bandwidth across the state as more people are going to learn online, with other states are expected to follow the same suit soon.

Board Infinity, a Mumbai, India-based career-tech startup in the wake of the coronavirus crisis has started #learnsafeonline campaign to ensure that the learning process of students continues despite the present scenario of the pandemic that the world is going through. The initiative offers a great way for people to be part of the campaign by taking up any of the 6 online live class programmes hosted bt the Board Infinity by donating a small amount of INR 10 whilst getting a certificate. All proceeds from the collected donations will be contributed towards the Coronavirus relief fund.

Abhay Gupta, Co-founder of Board Infinity creating basis of the campaign in a statement said,

“Students and working professionals can fully utilize free time which they got due to the closure of colleges and workplaces by learning online and build a strong foundation in the career field of their choice. India’s education system is fractured and graduating students are unable to meet the talent requirement set by the job industry. The sprouting ed-tech industry has come to the rescue of the students by filling in the gaps between the job-seekers and job-givers.”

More about Board Infinity

Started in 2017 in Mumbai, Maharashtra, Board Infinity is a career-tech startup that aims to impact the entire killing ecosystem using its unique expert-led model and live classes across domains. The startup connects job seekers with the industries by making them learn as well as earn. The company provides short courses in live online class format across emerging technologies and management roles aligned with the industry requirements of the present day. Currently, the platform has over 700 experts serving across 50 cities in India with tremendous year on year growth.

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