[Exclusive] Dubai’s new e-commerce startup Adasat.com is mastering its potential amid COVID-19

Dubai E-commerce Startup Adasat.com COVID-19
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The 6-month old e-commerce startup Adasat.com from the ‘Silicon Valley of the Middle East’ Dubai told LAFFAZ that it has surpassed its expectations. The e-commerce platform lets customers try and order sunglasses, eyeglasses and contact lenses online. The company even amid COVID-19 is receiving an overwhelming number of orders and wholeheartedly catering to its customers with competitive prices whilst taking appropriate precautions. Adasat claims that its promotional offers are the biggest hit at present in the country.

The government of the UAE in its aim to suppress and fight COVID-19 has urged the citizens, residents and businesses to operate from home. Only a handful of businesses such as the ones working in the foodtech, medical and healthtech sectors are allowed to keep their operations intact. Fortunately, Adasat is one of those permitted ones. The company said that with more people staying at home, exploring products online and making quicker buying decisions – the order rate for Adasat has been doubled.

“It is our duty to fulfil each and every customer’s needs even during this difficult COVID situation” an employee of Adasat told LAFFAZ

The company also added that the working hours of the employees have been decreased and all the precautionary measures are being undertaken to ensure their safety while commuting for work. Adasat affirms that the pandemic didn’t affect its operational standards and every customer is still given 100 percent attention to detail. The team is being extra careful while packing the items and the courier companies are following the same suit to deliver the products to the customers.

Adasat also added that the working hours of the employees have been decreased and all the precautionary measures are being undertaken to ensure their safety while commuting for work.

Affirming assurance to the customers, the founders of Adasat, Ziad Tariq and Payam Honari told LAFFAZ that,

“Tough times call for strategic decisions. With this being said, all of us from the Adasat Family have taken precautionary measures for the well-being of our families and customers. Prescription lenses are essential for most of us and we will continue delivering your orders on time. We will do our part as long as you do yours by staying at home.”

Back in December, Adasat raised $350K in a seed funding round from a few regional investors. On the occasion, the company shared its plans to make available prescription lenses which are now available on its platform. The company says that the launch of prescription lenses comes as a convenience for customers sparked by the COVID-19 situation because customers are unable to leave their homes and regional optical shops are shut.

Adasat is leveraging the downtime amid the Coronavirus outbreak to the most and pioneering the eyewear and optical industry in the UAE. The company promises to keep its operations intact with 100% attention to customers and precautionary steps amid the COVID-19 situation.

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