#BrandFusion B2B Conference to Wave on the 4th Series

A highly competent marketing management company Venture Central to host its 4th series of #BrandFusion Learning, Marketing and Entrepreneurship at Rose Rayhaan by Rotana Dubai on 31 July 2019, Wednesday.


A much-awaited #BrandFusion conference aims to build connections, learning about strategic marketing solutions in helping startup businesses and SMEs to establish growth strategies and envision long-term success. In addition, well-known speakers and influencers in Dubai will be participating to influence and inspire others by sharing their ideas and aspirations on how to become successful in the industry. It is focused on stabilizing the business development platform by strengthening the long-term value of organizational growth, the advantage of enhancing the entrepreneurial skills and self-efficacy in impacting their business to make it a profitable brand by going beyond the extra mile.

Cutting-edge solutions to help businesses streamline their operations and increase efficiency.
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Furthermore, #BrandFusion has an exceptional way of promoting different brands for B2B Exhibitions which could lead to new opportunities, make a great impression and help achieve the desired result. Joining the exhibition for this upcoming event will have a huge impact on how visitors perceive businesses and learning creative ways of brand promotion to stand out.

Moreover, it offers B2B Networking. As our goal to influence everyone in developing and helping businesses and institutions to build bilateral business-oriented relationships between brands and their potential clients. Of course, with face-to-face interactions that can produce powerful transformative experiences wherein social interactions during the event is essential in creating a conversational environment where attendees can talk to each other without any constraints. Our goal is to help SMEs determine the right network to its business as #BrandFusion will make use of this as a promotion strategy to attract potential leads or clients in the long run.

We are delighted to announce that this event boasts an impressive lineup of inspirational business leaders and industry experts. So, don’t miss this much anticipating #BrandFusion B2B Marketing Conference.

Today, we influence. Tomorrow, we inspire.

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