Buzzy247 – UAE’s e-commerce ecosystem to launch B2B & B2C marketplace for SMEs in Dubai

Featured image: Khalid Tazeem, Founder of Buzzy247; Credits: Supplied


▸ Buzzy247 is preparing to launch its online marketplace in early August 2020 to support digital transformation of SMEs in the UAE

Cutting-edge solutions to help businesses streamline their operations and increase efficiency.
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Buzzy247, an omnichannel e-commerce marketplace that connects existing local merchants and customers online, is set to officially launch in August 2020 by supporting Dubai’s initiative to become one of the most digitally transformed cities in the world.

As a response to the Covid19 challenges, small businesses across the emirate are facing the urgency of having online shopping channels and moving their businesses from solely local shops to online webshops. Buzzy247 will help businesses in local communities to accelerate their digital adoption by creating webshops for them instantly and help them promote their new online businesses.

With geofencing features and state-of-the-art technology, supports local vendors by driving online sales on one single platform. The platform supports local vendors by getting them online and then training them on e-commerce store management.

Buzzy247 marketplace aims to equip small vendors with digital knowledge by providing continuous training on how to market their products and services, marketing tactics and integration, market trends, customer experience, customer convenience and customer retention.

By enabling digital transformation for local retailers and vendors in the UAE, Buzzy247 aims to create a strong bond between local vendors and local communities and encourage local purchasing.

Commenting on the development, Khalid Tazeem, Founder & CEO of Buzzy247, in a statement, said,

“Our vision is to create economic opportunities for local retailers and service providers who do not have an online presence. We aim to inspire and teach them how to sell products online and help local retailers take the step into the digital world. With challenges posed by Covid19, the need for digital transformation has become critical and sadly many of the small local shops don’t have the tools, knowledge or financial capacity to move their operations online. Here comes Buzzy247 to solve that problem and make sure our local traders have the chance to keep their businesses alive and thriving. We are inspired by Dubai’s leadership vision to create an environment of success for everyone and create a city that is adopting digital tools faster than any other place on a global scale”

Buzzy247 is set to launch in early August 2020 and is inviting B2B small vendors to sign up free of cost on the platform.

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