Careem Launches its Food Delivery Service in Makkah (Mecca)

Dubai-based ride-hailing unicorn Careem in pursuit of expanding its presence in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has recently launched its food delivery service Careem Now in Makkah (Mecca).


The service is available on the Careem Now mobile app and is accessible to 1.5 million people of the city of Makkah.

“The people of Makkah are now able to enjoy the same Careem Now service that’s already available in Jeddah and Riyadh,”

“Only 15 per cent of the food delivery market in our region currently operates via an app, but Careem Now is changing that and enabling people in Mecca to order from a wide range of restaurants easily and with rapid door-to-door delivery.”

Adeeb Warsi – Managing Director, Careem Now

Over 100 restaurants are available to order from on the app, including Al Baik, McDonald’s, Maestro Pizza, Pizza Hut and Baskin Robbins, and more. The number of restaurants and food outlets are being added briskly to the app every week.

The food delivery market in the Middle East which Careem aims to enter into is expected to grow around $25 billion by 2022.

The application provided intuitive search options, sorting and tagging features based on users’ dietary requirements and also shows recommended dishes based on historical data and preferences.

“The idea of having to call up a restaurant and read out a list of items, and hope it’s all written down correctly, are increasingly over. Ordering by an app is how the industry is moving,”

“The younger generations are driving digital ordering – which in the US is growing three times faster than dine-in traffic – and it’s now increasingly available in the Middle East.”

Adeeb Warsi – Managing Director, Careem Now

Uber, that acquired Careem earlier this year continues to operate its Uber Eats in Saudi Arabia.

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