Top 5 content audit tactics to boost your SEO performance

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What is your idea of content marketing? Do you think it is all about creating and posting content on your site time and again? Well, that is one aspect of it. One needs to go miles to establish an absolute understanding of the content marketing domain and derive positive results out of it.

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With time, the content on your site gets older and the ranking factor diminishes. Thus, a good SEO agency uses a stellar content audit strategy that ultimately boosts the SEO potential of your site, improves discoverability and traffic. Here are some major content audit tactics that your agency needs to implement.

1. Well-defined metrics and goals 

No matter what stage you are at, whether you are creating completely fresh content or you are just starting to audit your old one, defining your goals must be at the top of your lists. Auditing old content is quite time-consuming. Thus the SEO agencies begin with a very well-defined and clear objective to deliver success. Assessing your business goal can help you better in performing your content audit. The goals that need to be followed are – better SEO results, improved customer engagement over the content, better conversion rate, etc. Citing this to your hired SEO agency will help you to get a content audit plan that rightly aligns with your business aims.

2. Gathering of all URLs 

Most of the time, professional SEO agencies prefer to start the inventory by gathering all of the URLs on your webpage that you further want to analyze. The SEO experts are equipped with online content auditing tools which can offer quick performance.

Using a tool presents all the list of URLs that are closely associated with your content auditing metric. Collecting all the URLs helps in optimizing the link backings, which is further beneficial in improving the site authority.

3. Aligning the content as per a catalog 

To make the content audit even more effective and beneficial, the agency will continue to catalogue your creation. Usually, content cataloguing is done as per a variety of categories. 

The professionals will track the buyer’s journey, the format of the content, type of the content, word count, last modification date and publication date, author, etc. At the same time, it is very useful to collect all the metadata for each of the contents to check for any updates. The data is collected for further analysis.

4. Data analyzation 

For further decision-making, while auditing your content, plenty of data is collected. The agency will recover data from a myriad of sources and will add it to the database to create further valuable analysis.

Data like social shares, backlinking, content length, Google Analytics information, etc., are collected to do further audits of your content. Each of the data is analyzed to understand what kind of upgrade can improve the performance of your content. To know in-depth details on content audit and data analysis, you can reach out to an experienced SEO agency.

5. Tracking the performance of your offsite content 

To further enrich the content audit tactics, professional agencies might work on gathering your off-site content resource. If you are assessing the impact of your content marketing, then you will want to make the inclusion of as much data as you can. The data can be added in infographics, slider decks, or any of the other pieces of external content. 

Tracking the metrics of such content and doing optimization to those as per requirements can give your website a bunch of valuable pieces. The professional companies can also access the Google Analytics accounts to get an idea about the number of changes in your external pieces to further work on it.

In conclusion

It is not tough to keep your content young and well-performing for a long time. All you need to do is, reach out to an SEO agency that uses the right strategy for a content audit. Performing content audits from time to time not only improves your SERP ranking but also enhances your site engagement and keeps you benefited enough with your SEO efforts. So reach out to a reliable professional now to ace the brilliance of performance over your site.

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