[Exclusive] Delhi Fashion Club Launched in Mumbai in association with Lakme Academy

Image details: from left, Namrata Sharma, Harshit Dhingaun, Navin Shetty, Tezas Mahadik & Reshma Kaurse; Credits: supplied


After hosting and directing various celebrity fashion shows in Delhi, Chandigarh and Goa, DFC has finally tapped into the entertainment capital of India ‘Mumbai’ by launching their operations with a calendar shoot named ‘Fashion for Change’ on Wednesday 29 January to promote khadi, sustainable fashion, and women empowerment. The initiative is supported by Lakme Academy, Saki Naka, Mumbai.

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from left, Harshit Dhingaun, chairman, DFC & Navin Shetty, Director Lakme Academy, Sakinaka, Mumbai
from left, Harshit Dhingaun, chairman, DFC & Navin Shetty, Director Lakme Academy, Sakinaka, Mumbai

The first segment of the shoot was done with two celebrity designers Ashfaque Ahmed and Arjun Kumar, with gen-next designer Omendra Gautam.

The overall styling was done by the celebrity fashion director Harshit Dhingaun who is also the chairman of Delhi Fashion Club. Photography as done by Tezas Mahadik and the participating models were Reshma Kaurse and Namrata Sharma shot in khadi and sustainable fashion gowns. Model Wijaidin Pamai from Nagaland also participated and shot in sustainable design at Marine Drive beach.

Headquartered in Delhi, with centres across India, DFC is a fashion and brand management agency that is appreciated by the Government of India providing services in fashion management & styling service, event management & support, model grooming, portfolio shoot, fashion designer promotion, production, buyer management, international fashion collaborations and consulting.

DFC aims to establish connections between Delhi and Mumbai fashion domain to foster growth and exchange of fashion goods & services. The company is also planning to form opportunities for fashion entrepreneurs who can be city-wise representatives for DFC to give great experiences to regional fashion enthusiasts.

Speaking about the offerings, Harshit Dhingaun, the Chairman of DFC told LAFFAZ…

“Our aim is to foster growth across the fashion domain, designers and enthusiasts of the nation, and that is our cornerstone belief Fashion for change, Fashion for one and Fashion for all’

Talking about the portfolio, DFC has worked with various international fashion weeks across the nation as a fashion partner, consultant, show director and designer management. The company has also promoted many models and designers with a theme ‘Local to Global Khadi’ which is now its new diversification in the same initiative in the form of a calendar shoot.

DFC is planning to shoot its next segment of Fashion for Change in Delhi – calling an even bigger number of designers and models. Those who wish to participate can reach DFC through its website www.delhifashionclub.org, social media or email at [email protected]

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