How this Dubai-based entrepreneur made ‘I am Dubai’ app a great success?

How this Dubai-based entrepreneur made 'I am Dubai' app a great success?
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A 27-year-old Dubai-based entrepreneur Kareem Elmashad, also known as Kareem Zoro launched the I am Dubai app in March 2019. The entrepreneur is a content creator based in Dubai and has been awarded as the ‘Influencer of the year’ three times by different magazines.

I am Dubai – Core-cognition behind

The social media agency I am Dubai works as an initiative to give models the right exposure and also popularise the restaurants at the same time. The mobile app lets models access to I am Dubai’s partner restaurants to get free meals for promoting the restaurants via their Instagram accounts.

The founder Kareem in a statement with last year said,

“With ‘I am Dubai’, we are planning to enter the Middle East market by offering the best of our services and it is one of the most important and influential markets in the world.”

I am Dubai – the current state

Started from a small room, the company has now become widely popular and profitable business for Kareem.

The app’s ease of use and scalable benefit makes it so popular among models and restaurants in the Middle East. But there are certain rules applicable. First, the models must be associated with a renowned modelling agency and secondly, they must have a considerable number of followers and reach on their Instagram accounts and social media.

Growth plans

The company is now aiming for expansion across more cities and countries in the Middle East. In the latest interview with Forbes, Kareem highlighted that he is on a mission to reach his highest potential in the shortest possible time. He believes that most people don’t maximise their potential, which is why he also works aggressively to inspire others.

Moving forward, the app will have a respective name for every country or city such as ‘I am Saudi’ for Saudi Arabia-based version and ‘I am Kyiv’ for the Ukraine-based version.

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