Dubai-based on-demand photography app ‘Kapturise’ announces official Launch

Featured image: Habeeb Furqan, Founder & CEO of Kapturise; Credits: Supplied


Dubai, UAE-based Kapturise, the first of its kind on-demand photography service for the Middle East region, in Q4 2020 announced its official launch to the public. Featuring a high-technology mobile application and web-based platform.

Kapturise facilitates convenient on-demand sessions for clients to shoot with professional photographers or videographers at any desired location in the United Arab Emirates. Adding to the efficiency of an on-demand shoot, Kapturise clients receive final edited images within 24 hours to begin using their high-quality content immediately. With benefits for independent photographers and videographers to join Kapturise and increase their earnings, Kapturise is expected to become a leading platform for the photography industry in the Middle East and beyond.

Speaking of the launch, Habeeb Furqan, Founder & CEO of Kapturise, in a statement said,

“We are proud to introduce Kapturise to industry-leading photographers and discerning clientele looking for high-quality photoshoots on-demand. The photography industry has been plagued with inefficiencies ranging from a lack of steady gigs for photographers to clients not being able to get a vetted expert quickly. With Kapturise, we streamline the experience for both parties, connecting a diverse array of clients with industry professionals instantly.”

To schedule a shoot, Kapturise users simply need to log on to the app or web platform and select from an on-demand or scheduled shoot. Whether one is at the beach, park, or another photogenic destination, a Kapturise photographer will instantly meet a client at any desired location to begin capturing the professional content of their dreams. From model headshots, celebratory events, roaming candid shots, video vlog content, TikTok videos and much more, Kapturise enables important impromptu moments to be expertly captured like never before.

Along with individual use, Kapturise’s services are ideal for businesses such as restaurants in need of food and beverage shots for menus or social media, a real estate agent who needs to get images or 360-VR of a new house for sale, or any business looking to showcase their product offering. Since time is of the essence with visuals, final images are available the next day and are assured for quality by Kapturise’s artificial intelligence and machine learning technology.

Talking about Kapturise as an avenue for businesses, Furqan added,

“It’s proven that businesses who use visuals in their marketing increase customer views by 94% versus text alone. Therefore, Kapturise’s services are a simple and affordable solution for businesses to succeed in today’s visual market,”

Along with solutions for clientele, Kapturise invites photographers and videographers to join the platform and grow their businesses. Kapturise can both increase their earnings potential while reducing timely administrative duties including chasing payments from clients and scouting.

Headquartered in the UAE, Kapturise is planning for global expansion under the leadership of Furqan who has previously been part of one of the most promising startups in the region, which he helped scale to raise multi-million-dollar in capital financing.

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