Ed-Tech startup Offee raises INR 5.25 crore to transform digital exams

Mumbai-based edtech platform, Offee has secured funding of INR 5.25 crore from a group of investors from JITO Incubation and Innovation Foundation (JIIF), Bombay Industry Association (BIA) and Riidl.


The company aims to utilize the capital in accelerating product development, expanding operations, entering into new markets.

In response to the educational sector’s rapid digital transformation, catalyzed by the pandemic, Offee claims to have introduced a solution to tap into the unexplored potential of digitizing over 100 crore paper-based college exams in India.

Offee further claims that its Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) solution stands out for its capability to empower students to securely take digital exams on their personal devices, even in airplane mode, be it within classrooms or local examination centers. This feature is especially significant in less-accessible taluka/panchayat areas, effectively bridging the educational gap.

Speaking of the development, Amit Shah, founder of Offee, in the official release said,

“With the support of JITO, BIA and Riidl, we are transforming the exam conduction process, making it a reality for students everywhere. This is not just an app for us; we are building a movement. With the backing of our strategic investors, we are poised to make digital exams the norm, ensuring fair and equitable access to all,”

Offee’s platform aims to streamline the administration of large-scale examinations with a vision of bringing a transformative shift for educational institutions and government bodies.

The company aims to promote the concept that any location can serve as an examination centre, ensuring inclusivity and accessibility at all levels of education, as per the release.

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