Can I edit real estate images using mobile?



Editing real estate photos can be a challenging task to do. We usually let them do the work from shooting to editing as it’s a bundle task for them to do. At times, it is advised to get a photographer to give the images the magic it deserves.

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However, there are cases when our budget becomes too tight even to hire a photographer or an editing expert. There are numerous ways for us to save ourselves from those situations! But that shouldn’t mean we should just surrender the project.

Real estate image editing through our smartphones is one innovative skill that we should be familiar with today. With the 21st century continuously improving and technology transforming, we could instantly access professional photographers’ and photo editors’ tools when upscaling real estate images to a whole new level.

These are possible with the presence of mobile apps. While some applications require you a small fee to unlock certain features, most of them are free of charge and enough for you to edit real estate photos! Just a few taps, and you would be able to edit a real estate photo for your website.

So many photo-editing applications are available and discoverable on both Android and iOS platforms. No matter what operating system you are using, the settings and features of the application will not change. So, to guide everyone in the selection of your desired application to edit real estate images, we have listed four (4) applications as your launchpad in learning mobile photo editing:

1. Diptic

Having the most important adjustments a photo editor needs to enhance real estate images, this application is considered a one-stop shop for all the amazing features you might need. It complements the basics required to edit real estate photos by the application’s ability to collate your images through the “collage” feature. It helps with filters and adjustment toggles for colour, hue, and saturation. However, it’s only optional if you need creativity in your presentation.

2. Magisto

More than just photo-taking, video-taking has become a trend as well. Video editing also takes time in terms of vlogging, promotion, etc. In real estate, Magisto may be the perfect app you can use to shoot a video tour of your properties. This application features a seamless way to shoot and edit your videos that may become handy for a busy property manager promoting the properties online and through the clients. If you see that your real-estate pictures require further enhancement, you can use professional photo editing services, which will help you save loads of time.

3. Afterlight

Like other mobile photo-editing apps, Afterlight is one application you must consider in choosing to edit your next real estate photos. With the selection of filters available in this application, your real estate photos will surely transform into something if only applied with the right strokes of colours and filters.

It also offers exclusive filter themes that can be used for websites and social media. Its quick application of effect and enhancements is top-notch and can be modified through your fingertips, making editing real estate photos a piece of cake.

4. Handy Photo

Handy Photo is a comprehensive mobile app that you may find interesting. Developed by Adva Soft, it has a unique ability to move objects within the photo. Only computer-based editing software can do this. With the app’s power to examine the difference of elements in the photo, this could be the perfect application for you.

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