Egypt’s Xpovi raises $300K pre-seed funding

Featured above: Xpovi co-founders, Mostafa Hisham (CTO), Mohamed Marei (CEO), Taher Seif


Cairo, Egypt-based robotic advisory startup Xpovi has recently scored a $300K pre-seed round led by some strategic angel investors. The company plans to scale-up autonomous financial and business planning services.

Founded in May 2021, Xpovi provides business planning solutions through an interactive, and easy-to-answer questionnaire. The product capitalizes on artificial intelligence, and machine learning technologies to enable data sorting automation and financial models building.

The company has recently inaugurated its operations by releasing its ‘Automated Business Planning’ solution that enables early-stage startups to build their financial models and business plans in a few clicks through a web-based questionnaire.

Commenting on the funding round, Mohamed Marei, Xpovi’s CEO said,

“We are grateful for our Investors’ early-on belief in Xpovi’s vision and founding team, and the support we received while venturing into a greenfield. The pre-seed round has enabled us to grow our team and launch the first Automated Business Planning web application. Over the upcoming few months, we plan to upscale Xpovi’s data automation, artificial intelligence, and user experience. In preparation to offer our services to c.4.0 Million micro, small and medium enterprises operating in Egypt in a feasible and time-efficient manner.”

“In today’s fast-paced world, and the empirical growth in technology acceptance model. We seek to revolutionize financial and business advisory, to enable planning, monitoring, and decision-making supported by instant-based analysis and data-driven recommendations.”

In pursuit of merging the art and science of financial modelling with traditional business planning to democratize access to the bespoke advisory, Xpovi developed its in-house algorithm to transform a web-based questionnaire designed in Multiple-Choice Questions, Drop Lists and Check Lists, into a fully detailed Business Plan deliverable the same day.

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