Artificial Intelligence 101 – Purpose, Present, and the Future

Artificial Intelligence 101 - Purpose, Present, and the Future
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We all come across various narratives and opinions around the Artificial Intelligence daily – as an emerging technology, its implementation in solving real-life problems, industry leaders and AI startups revolutionizing the AI technology ecosystem and how it is shaping up the future of human life in general.

On similar lines, keeping my keen interest in the artificial intelligence technology domain as a data scientist and machine learning engineer, I decided to come up with an A-Z piece – delivering the what, why, how of AI; along with the applications, trends, and the future aspects of Artificial Intelligence. And I believe that this Artificial Intelligence article will help you garner the basic understanding of the AI technology domain as you read through, focus and reach to the end.

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (AI)

‘What is artificial intelligence’ is the very first question for anybody these days, for people which are not technically well-versed but simply use devices like laptops, tablets, mobile phones, and more, for them, Alexa, Cortana, Siri are the AI. But as a primary purpose of this article, let us know what is AI.

Artificial intelligence in computer science implies any human-like espionage demonstrated by a robot, computer, or another way in the machine. In the prominent procedure, artificial intelligence pertains to the proficiency of a device or computer to simulate the human mind’s abilities. Understanding from instances and knowledge, recognizing items, comprehending and answering back to language, giving rise to verdicts, unraveling problems, and integrating these and other skills to conduct a mortal process may execute, particularly as meeting a hotel visitor or steering a car.

There could be numerous ways multiple people can explain artificial intelligence in accordance with the implementation and use-cases and then there comes types like simple AI, complex AI systems, artificial general intelligence. Most of the use-cases and systems encompass a combination of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI and ML) combined with IoT to generate vast amount of data to be used with the AI system. Considering all such applications of AI made it a need of the hour for all industries and sects from aerospace to governments, from large corporates to tech enterprises and then startups – in light of which, technology behemoth Elon Musk also said

“DeepMind is his ‘top concern’ when it comes to A.I.”

Elon Musk on CNBC

Here DeepMind is a the British Artificial Intelligence subsidiary of Google in which Elon Musk had invested, back in in 2014.

Thereupon decades of existence pointed to the science saga. Today, Artificial intelligence is an ingredient of our daily facts. The rise in AI advancement is made apparent by the immediate accessibility of substantial quantities of data and the complementary improvement and the broad accessibility of computer systems that can execute all that data sooner and more precisely than we humans can do. AI attains our statements as we type them, delivers driving paths when we inquire, and tells us what we should purchase or binge-watch another movie. And its applications, such as medical picture examination that benefit skilled doctors, do the crucial job quickly and with tremendous prosperity.

Inline with the above meaning of Artificial Intelligence, one common answer to some of the common questions related to Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence questions:

  • Is Alexa an AI?
  • Is Siri an AI?
  • Is Cortana an AI?
  • Is Google Assistant an AI?

And the common answer to all of these ai questions is: voice recognition software (Natural Language Processing) or any similar features are not pure artificial intelligence itself, but leverages AI to pull information from sources, engines or systems to respond back to the user.

Artificial Intelligence examples:

  • Manufacturing robots
  • Self-driving cars
  • Smart assistants
  • Proactive healthcare management
  • Disease mapping
  • Automated financial investing
  • Virtual travel booking agent
  • Conversational marketing bot
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP) tools

So these are some of the examples of artificial intelligence in everyday life, we’ll learn about more of these artificial intelligence examples & applications later in this article like ‘Artificial Intelligence in Robotics’, ‘Hydroponics’, and more.

Purpose of Artificial Intelligence

The second most common artificial intelligence question that everybody has is ‘What is the purpose of AI?’. So let’s get to know purpose of artificial intelligence too.

Artificial Intelligence aims to benefit human abilities and enable us to take progressive judgments with far-reaching outcomes. That’s the explanation from a technological viewpoint. From a philosophical perspective, Artificial Intelligence can assist humans in residing more powerful beings devoid of arduous labor and helping manage the complicated network of integrated selves, corporations, states, and states to process in a way that’s effective to all of society.

Presently, Artificial Intelligence’s objective is disseminated by all the several types of equipment and strategies that have developed over the past thousand years. This is to simplify human endeavor and to enable us to make reasonable determinations. Artificial Intelligence has similarly been sanctified as our ultimate ingenuity. This creation would propose ground-breaking tools and assistance that would remarkably improve how we dominate our existence by hopefully reducing strife, human suffering, and inequality.

That is all in the distant prospect though we’re nonetheless a big way from those sorts of consequences. Artificial Intelligence is the most used technology by businesses to increase their machine-driven resource-heavy tasks and process efficiencies and give rise to industry projections established on arduous data instead of gut feelings. All the technology that has to succeed before this, the exploration and advancement expenses need to be subsidized by companies and parliament agencies before being susceptible to ordinary laymen.

Advantages of Artificial Intelligence

There’s no suspicion in the validity that technology has rendered our existence better. From song suggestions, map paths, online mobile banking to conspiracy deterrence, Artificial Intelligence, and other technologies have our life by storm.

There’s a suitable cable between destruction and advancement. There are constantly two aspects to a coin, and that is the outbreak with Artificial Intelligence as well. Let us put up with a view at some benefits of Artificial Intelligence:

  • Deduction in human error
  • Accessible 24×7
  • Logical Decision Maker
  • Assists in redundant work
  • Rapid determinations
  • Digital aid
  • Medical petitions
  • Enhances Security
  • Productive Communication

Use-cases of Artificial Intelligence – AI a godsend boon

1. Artificial intelligence for business growth

The use-case of Artificial Intelligence in business has established a hot talk within the industry for atleast past half a decade. The biggest industry giants sway AI technology to accomplish a robust market. It’s one of the leading professing technologies that are constructing our fate.

Microsoft, Amazon, and Google have expanded extensively with AI technology addition to adjusting to maturing market circumstances and revenue production. Various corporations are already obtaining AI extras with their time investment.

According to the latest AI and milliliter development analysis, the international income from AI-based applications within the businesses will attain $31.2 billion. Wherever eighty-seven recent Artificial Intelligence adopters are already employing AI for deals statements and leveling up their digital selling strategies.

In 2020, that will be amended for e-commerce, business automation, administration, insurance, and reality. Artificial intelligence businesses swiveled to Scale’s visual data naming arena to formulate and correlate. Artificial Intelligence to their numerous jobs. Now, the corporate makes prepared for the consumer list to prosper, and it becomes a lot more assorted.

36% of marketers anticipate Artificial Intelligence can have a substantial influence on the trading operation this year.

Marketers and agency experts were capitalizing on Artificial Intelligence to prepare ads. With digital flags, posts on social media, and digital out-of-home ads, in cord with a new study by Adman Perceptions.

High-performing trading organizations are averaging seven numerous practices of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning.

Nowadays, barely over 0.5 (52%) set up on boosting their accumulation this year. High-performing trading organizations all lead them to infer in Artificial Intelligence and machine learning to strengthen customer segmentation. They’re moreover focused on personalizing distinctive track experiences. Nevertheless, the following graphic emphasizes high-performing trading organizations soon to understand then accept progressive Artificial Intelligence and machine learning procedures to their robust goal.

Marketers practice AI-based demand discerning to anticipate extraordinary shopping contours across geographic areas and alleviate back-orders and stock-outs. The social media marketing thing, its algorithms that we all have been learning for the past decade is being augmented with artificial intelligence today. A quick piece from tells us how AI is the game changer in the social media marketing domain.

Integrating all convenient data sources concurrently with customer opinion survey exploitation, supervised machine learning algorithms. It’s feasible to strengthen demand forecast accuracy and demand sensing. Millilitre algorithms will associate location-specific sentiment for a given commodity or comprehensive product’s provincial accessibility. Possessing this insight will recoup the retail business up to $50B a year in obsolete stock.

And there are numerous artificial intelligence startups across the globe which are performing high and solving real life problems. We’ll talk about them later in this article.

▸ Now, let’s see how it edges the businesses:

In 2021, the discussion can transcend alternative customer service fora. AI-driven chatbots amend corporations to generate 24/7-customer-support by machine-driven client transmissions, contributing many personalized user skills. The developed lingual communication process enhancements revise “bots” to select the communication nuances and imitate human speech.

According to an associate AMA study, chatbots magnify the customer journey, occurring in a substantial hike in earnings and customer gratification.

For small industries with low allowances or human resources, an AI-enabled chatbot works adequately. It will replenish customer service voids.

▸ Streamlines the Hiring method

The next room where Artificial Intelligence will improve efficacy is the space unit division. It will benefit within the attainment method. Through machine-controlled screening calls and by machine-driven prospect applications, AI accelerates the prospect analysis method. It moreover supports eradicating human bias from preliminary screenings, and it’s spectacular for department diversity.

In robust arenas with small talent pools, this technology diminishes. The time to replenish available roles, evaluating candidate petitions shorter than human deputies.

You might have remembered PepsiCo’s story where they were immediately instructed to restore 250 jobs during the months. For this, they are required to employ an automaton called Vera to conduct first-round consultations. The robot tested 1500 aspirants in just nine hours. In discrepancy, human workers would take around 9 weeks to conference a comparable span of aspirants.

This technology provides Artificial Intelligence with an active come near the success strategy by stimulating cost-efficiency in conserving talent.

According to the Talent Board’s study, once businesses generate an optimistic aspirant hiring technique by curtailing the attainment procedure’s overall time, they chop down their per-hire tariffs.

▸ Artificial Intelligence unlocks innovative opportunities

Probably the major significant industry good thing about Artificial Intelligence is the contraction in human error. One lengthy procedure prone to human error, nevertheless necessary to business prosperity, is statement revenue. Artificial Intelligence technology will stimulate a company to machine-driven accurate testimonies while no physical intervention. It delivers corporations with a more substantial perception of their forthcoming finances, authorizing them to establish elevated choices and take litigations to comprehend goals.

According to the most recent McKinsey study, corporations capitalizing on Artificial Intelligence can encounter a stroll of a hundred and twenty percent within the revenues by 2030. Artificial Intelligence can strengthen customer service, manufacture new earnings, and cut back tariffs.

Additional technology applications to boost industry look to be extensive, constrained entirely by our ingenuity.

Whether you relate to an aid, bistro, or another career, learn from the invention that Artificial Intelligence makes practical. You expect to commence with a significant foundation in industry fundamentals.

EU Business School’s proposals blend hypothesis with observance, educating the beginners on how to correlate soaring technologies to strengthen career continuity.

▸ Increases statement Accuracy

The most significant decent aspect of Artificial Intelligence, in our viewpoint, is human error contraction. The developed Artificial Intelligence technology enables the corporation to automate accurate testimonies with no physical intervention. It empowers companies with an additional vigorous proposal for their future finances. It authorizes them in developing the straight business market to comprehend goals.

After comprehending the loftier perimeters, you might have a transparent awareness of Artificial Intelligence’s industry fringes. With these senses, we will moreover foresee its perspective or wherever it’ll come to be an eligible part of our industry. Undoubtedly, Artificial Intelligence is capable of putting up your enterprise to terrific altitudes. So, begin to influence this technology presently and achieve horizons.

No matter what industry you relate to, you must begin with Artificial Intelligence during this digitized realm. It spreads a strong industry foundation and makes each invention attainable. Though, nowadays, it’s essential within the industry fundamentals too.

What 2020 has made up the expression for quantum Artificial Intelligence? Now, be prepared to harmonize a hybrid Artificial Intelligence strategy to problem-solving. This paradigm fluctuates in Artificial Intelligence and can oversee the emergence of implausible directions to determine prevailing industry problems and invent new alternatives.

Its consequences will be apparent in our proficiency in various elevated areas such as weather predictions, financial statements, drug and vaccine expansion, blood-protein examination, convoy designing, improvement, etc. Quantum Artificial Intelligence as a Service (QCaaS) will be a standard nomination for companies to clog into the investigations as we incline to progress.

Forward-thinking companies are amused to compel the hop; nevertheless, the metamorphosis begins again to be in an incredibly emergent phase. This year will be a significant stepping rock towards the lengthier term of aspects to change within the years.

2. Artificial Intelligence for Cybersecurity

The internet is improving into an essential ingredient of our day-to-day lives. With each succeeding second that expires, an alternate modification puts up over the web. The network, without any suspicion, is a beneficial place; nevertheless, there are obstacles associated with the network, especially those that influence the security and seclusion of the users.

With the manifestation of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, each procedure is machine-driven. This can establish elements convenient for network users, especially Cybersecurity, that have enhanced dramatically because of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning’s aspect.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning will concede several structures employed in data administering the security networks to be told from them.

▸ What is Cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity is safeguarding computers, webs, and numerous identical tools from destruction, data thievery, or other destructions. Because of the development of technology and everything changing course towards the network and computers, Cybersecurity is a significant part of all the categories within the society, be it administration section, monetary association, military, or the other section, all of them are taken by data, with enormous proportions of indispensable data hold on computers and numerous devices. Most of this can be sensitive data that can’t be endangered to the decisive public. For that reason, Cybersecurity is nowadays an essential part of practically every category of community.

Cybersecurity intends to prevent the data from being purloined, forestall server breaches concurrently with ransomware and malware invasions. It conducts as a protecting coating to stave off online conspiracies and data violations from transpiring.

▸ What are Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning?

Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning are data-driven strategies to promote the devices in formulating their conclusion ascertained over the data and contours as intake with no programming concern. With the contribution of Artificial Intelligence, all the procedures become machine-driven and unrestricted from any benevolent intervention.

With Artificial Intelligence, the data, structures, and algorithms are bestowed as intake on the notion that the machine accomplishes a specific task. Thus, the accuracy has been enhanced, and the processes & techniques have to evolve optimized. With Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, and well-mined data, contours are brought out and assist them. The selections are formulated contemplating recent and the future.

With the manifestation of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, Cybersecurity has evolved machine-driven and stable. With Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning allowance, the cybersecurity body will barely regulate and govern a business or corporation’s safety. As Artificial Intelligence is considering data classification, processing, clustering, filtering, and surveillance, there are lots of data points in Cybersecurity that may generate Artificial Intelligence.

▸ Ways through which do machine learning and artificial intelligence are assisting in Cybersecurity

a. Threat Hunting

The procedure of threat looking has been enhanced extensively with Artificial Intelligence. Before Artificial Intelligence, definitive security criteria like mistreatment impressions or pointers to detect dangers were employed. They operated well against the antecedently confronted warnings. Nevertheless, against threats that haven’t been found out, they weren’t beneficial.

Usage of AI with chronological security strategies can govern to a 99% threat detection probability. The aid of the threat-looking technique was considerably boosted.

b. Defenselessness Management

Organizations accept much new defenselessness each day; nevertheless, they’re laboring to regulate these enormous numbers of susceptibility. The reason being that the definitive methodology pertains to looking forward to the exploitation of unpredictable vulnerabilities before counteracting them.

Therefore, it’s especially some way to encompass and regulate fictitious susceptibilities.

However, with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, defenselessness management becomes more vulnerable with the aid of skills like User and Event activity Analytics that may evaluate and ascertain unusual behavior of user endpoints, accounts, servers and maintain the association against defenselessness.

Before they’re broadcasted and puttered. This makes the role of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning emphatic in defenselessness management and conservation against defenselessness.

c. Hardware Maintenance

The conventional ways implicating physical power to carry with the hardware don’t look reasonable and secure.

Observance and Optimization of the data centers’ systems like backup power, power consumption, data measure custom. Safety comes to be a lot susceptible to Artificial Intelligence because of consecutive observance capabilities that Artificial Intelligence contributes, leading to an advancement in the hardware’s convincingness and security, developing all the hardware and infrastructure supervision strategy a lot easier.

Along with this, Artificial Intelligence conjointly decreases hardware supervision costs by stimulating the personnel once to rehabilitate or modify the instrumentation or once there’s a protection susceptibility.

d. Combating Hate Speech and Cyberbullying

Technically speaking, this could not be a sector of Cybersecurity. However, Artificial Intelligence firmly plays a substantial role against online invectives and online misuses. There are numerous initiatives out there that particular algorithms will be generated and equipped in that are inclined to spot hate speech, mishandlings, & online bullying and avoid them.

An instance of this can be Facebook’s procedure that employs Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to locate cyberbullying, disgust speech, and online mishandling. Chat platforms like Omegle and Chatroulette are progressively impairing machine learning to avoid harmful practices on their media.

Cyberbullying could be an enormous downstream for the casualties, especially once demonstrating feelings, unstable peoples are targeted, transpiring in self-harm and earmarking suicide.

3. Artificial Intelligence for Hydroponics

▸ What is Hydroponics, and how does it function?

Simply put together, hydroponic gardening may be a procedure of ripening plants while not soil.

In hydroponic gardening, moisture and water do the work. In this case, the result of transmitting nutrients to the plant roots.

For growing, plants strive for sunlight, water, CO2 (habitually from air circulation), and nutrients.

Hydroponic systems use accumulating tools, like sand or stones, and a nutritious answer. In these networks, the nutrient-rich liquid is substituted promptly to the roots by moistening the medium.

In aeroponic systems, another definitive soil-less maturing strategy, plants have their inceptions misted straight within the nutritious solution.

▸ From historical agriculture to AI-powered right Hydroponics

Technology doesn’t let innovation rung and consecutively thrusts for development.

Consistent goes for agriculture, which has taken off a stride farther to develop into what’s prior being illustrated as ‘Smart Hydroponics.’

▸ How Artificial Intelligence facilitates right Hydroponics?

Artificial Intelligence drives good Hydroponics’ will substantiate prime improvement for a plant through a blend of hardware configuration and an ordinance tool with fun with its growth flight.

Insights are induced from understanding attained by detectors within the hardware.

The sensing hardware is halved into 3 courses, strategically located at periods on the agribusiness farm.

They sit tight to the plant roots and amass proficiency, distressing the crop organ, pH levels, electrical, biological manifestation phases, and nutrient bid.

They moreover find compact viscosity, elements, and humidity levels. A visible camera also checks the accumulating plants for coloration and nourishes the Artificial Intelligence code data.

On the contrary, understanding the detailed essence and needs of the commodity is induced through machine learning.

▸ The significance of Artificial Intelligence in Hydroponics in India

Nowadays, Artificial Intelligence in-tank agriculture in Asian states is also exceptionally fledgling.

However many profitable tank harvesting AI companies and startups have governed to lift capital and instruct Artificial Intelligence, there’s nevertheless a shortage of general perception about the potential of Artificial Intelligence-driven tank agribusiness.

Artificial Intelligence in-tank agribusiness in India is now constrained to an assortment of fresh entrepreneurs

UN agencies are undertaking modernizing farming in India into a specific portion of the market by innovating via Artificial Intelligence.

These AI startups have adults to an advertising level, wherever the agriculturist employs Artificial Intelligence-driven industrialization networks and farm administration software networks to delineate and regulate the tank agribusiness farm remotely.

That being aforementioned, tank harvesting farms are a district unit trending not barely in Asian worlds nevertheless the globe over.

▸ Companies are operating to bring Artificial Intelligence to Hydroponics

In India, significant companies that provide or have already generated Artificial Intelligence to agriculture embodying Ag2o is a Delhi-based Agritech and AI startup that has prototyped a ‘smart farming garden’ prepared with IoT and Artificial Intelligence evolving algorithms.

Agro2o’s creator took Artificial Intelligence’s endeavor to set to work historical husbandry challenges, just like they have to be coerced to strengthen compatible electrical conduction.

Another significant corporation is Agritech that specialized in challenges like brutal weather.

They deployed acceptable preciseness technology that compounds Artificial Intelligence with 5G and machine learning to reside humidness and substantiate water activity.

In India, we even have AI research institutes like Wadhwani AI, a Mumbai, Maharashtra-based non-profit research institute that develops AI solutions for social good and deploys globally.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, at the G-20 Summit in Osaka, Japan had highlighted the significance of Digital Economy and Artificial Intelligence whilst mentioning about the Indian government’s plans and vision forward.

▸ Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Agribusiness

The business is exploding with computer science technologies to promote healthy crop crops, regulate pests, growing conditions and monitor soil, organize data for agriculturists, facilitate livelihood, and expand a good assortment of agriculture-related duties within the whole food offer chain.

a. Weather Forecasting

With the modification in climatic situations and increasing smog, it’s difficult for farmers to figure out the sufficient time for cultivating seed; with the comfort of computing, agriculturist will evaluate atmospheric ailments by exploitation prediction that assists them set up the aspect of crop that is frequently grown and once had been implanted.

b. Soil and crop state monitoring network

The soil and nourishment of the planet fiddle a significant role in creating the harvest mature and disposition.

Because of progressing deforestation, soil integrity is impairing, and it’s for discerning soil’s norm.

A German-based university startup vegetable circumstance has formulated an Artificial Intelligence-based application named Plantix. It may specify the nutrient depletion in the plant and soil infections and diseases. Agriculturists may also get a notion to employ low chemicals that assist in reinforcing harvest integrity.

Furthermore, Trace genetics is one more machine learning-based corporation that helps agriculturalists try to do a soil inspection for farmers.

Such a variation of applications enables agriculturists to watch crop and soil health circumstances and bring out healthy harvests with a good productivity grade.

c. Agriculture Robotics

Artificial Intelligence businesses are formulating robots that may solely accomplish many chores in agribusiness fields.

This sort of philosophy is equipped to manage weeds and yield crops rapidly with high percentages than humans.

These robots’ denominations are trained to see the norm of crops and heed weeds by assigning and loading crops at an identical time.

These robots also are eligible for combatting challenges confronted by agrarian force labour.

d. Artificial Intelligence-enabled network to distinguish pests

Pests are one of the horrible adversaries of the farmers that destroy crops.

Artificial Intelligence networks employ satellite images and describe them with ancient data mistreatment. Artificial Intelligence algorithms discover that any germ has docked and which kind of insect has settled, same as the locust of grasshopper, etc.

And send warning signals to agriculturists on their smartphones so agriculturists will put up with the required protection and use desired management; hence, Artificial Intelligence helps farmers fight against pests.

Artificial Intelligence in agribusiness is not entirely fulfilling for agriculturists to change their farming. Nonetheless, it conjointly changes positions to communicate cultivation for high crop yield and more superb quality with limited reserves’ mistreatment.

Companies concerned with rising machine learning or Artificial Intelligence-based products or services like coaching knowledge for agriculture, drones, and automatic machine creation can get technological advancement can give a lot of valuable applications to the current sector serving to the globe upset food production problems for the growing population.

4. Artificial Intelligence for healthcare

With the proliferation of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare, the alternatives of executing it into several exercises have heightened.

Artificial Intelligence could now be employed in management and mining client data with more efficiency. Artificial Intelligence’s influence broadens to Health Centers has developed to a more precise diagnosis, medication, and across-the-board patient care.

Contemplating the abilities that Artificial Intelligence possesses, some of the Indian startups are trying to ascertain to turn the tables around.

Indian startups leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Though there is an extensive spectrum of Indian tech startups that are leveraging artificial intelligence across various branches of their businesses and customer services. We find it really significant to bring light to a few that specially utilising the AI technology from A to Z of their businesses, on top of that, AI startups which solve real life problems using artificial intelligence technology.

▸ Niramai

A health-tech startup Niramai has formulated ‘Thermalytix,’ an Artificial Intelligence-based medical equipment manufactured to inspect breast cancer by performing breast thermography. It employs ‘machine espionage over thermography pictures’ or, in more straightforward terms, uses AI and machine learning on HD thermal screening equipment. This is then incorporated along with a cloud-hosted exploration outcome to assess for any aberrations.

Many women stress mammography because of the pessimistic belief correlated with it. This technological invention delivers a non-invasive, low-cost, radiation-free, and painless technique. Another characteristic facilitates the detection of tumors five times minor than what clinical analysis can perceive.

The company has put forward a totaled $6M for an allowance from primary investors like Pi Ventures, BEENEXT, Axilor Ventures, Ankur Capital, 500 Startups, and Flipkart co-founder Binny Bansal. They also contend with having copyrights for their technology.

Nidhi Mathur and Geetha Manjunath, founders of Niramai, have been captioned in our other writings as well.

▸ is an Indian healthtech startup that employs algorithms for deep learning for comprehending diagnostic imagery. The company raised $16 million in a venture round from Sequoia Capital India, in February 2020.

The startup interprets CT Scans, MRIs, and X-rays and furnishes doctors with the mandatory understanding of clinical judgment. If any, the irregularities such as lung disease or tumor structures are delineated and quantify by province.

Another element of this equipment is that it serves as a solution for machine-driven pathology that can discriminate malignant from benign biopsies and ramifications of tumor categories.

Some of their extraordinary flagship commodities:
  • XR: This is a screening device formulated to inspect hilar, pulmonary, and pleural tuberculosis. This equipment’s functional characteristic is that it gives rise to a feasible zero-footprint treatment without any hardware expected. Their Artificial Intelligence algorithm has been equipped with more than 2.5 million X-rays to identify some cardiac ailments, chronic obstructive pulmonary ailment, and lung malignancies in speculated cases.
  • Q: This commodity functions as assistance for diagnosing Head CT scans. Their deep learning algorithms are eligible for meandering the evolution of hydrocephalus and hemorrhagic stroke. It can also detect irregularities like inside bleeding, ruptures, and shifts in the midline.
▸ SigTuple

SigTuple incorporates Artificial Intelligence and data science, along with robotics into medical data to leverage diagnostic screening outcomes. Their Machine Learning platform Manthana employs Artificial Intelligence to evaluate observable medical data. It conducts premium healthcare devices affordably and available. According to Crunchbase, SigTuple has until now secured over $40 million from various institutional funding rounds.

Some of the products of SigTuple include:
  • Shoonit wielded to automate the microscopic computation of blood smears.
  • Shrava automates microscopic urine examination and delivers a sign of casts, crystals, epithelial cells, bacteria.
  • aaDI is a device employed in semen screening examinations that furnishes a treatment for analyzing motility and pursuing wielding microscopic videos captured.
  • Digitizer is a machine-driven digital scanner device employed to digitize and stock pictures authorizing virtual pathology.
  • Drishti is a solely machine-driven fundus camera that operates a cloud-based Artificial Intelligence structure system to evaluate the pictures for diagnosing Diabetic Retinopathy (DR) and glaucoma.
▸ OncoStem Diagnostic

OncoStem Diagnostic hires machine learning algorithms to assist in the customization of cancer treatment. Genomics-based outlets besides the molecular fingerprint of a tumor are wielded to foretell the happening of cancer. Similarly, it preys to formulate tests for many cancers, particularly as colon and oral.

Their essential commodity is CanAssist-Breast, which regulates by a machine learning algorithm and a few of its highlighted elements are as follows:

  • Anticipates the likelihood of cancer reduplication by surveying a patient’s tumor
  • Helps doctors to specific cases that may omit chemotherapy.
  • Gives doctors extra understandings into the tumor

OncoStem has until now secured a total of $7 million capital, the last one was of $6 million sum from Sequoia Capital India.

▸ Onward Assist

Onward Assist helps with the initial distinction and classification of cancer using the prognostic estimations of machine learning. They have partnered with clinicians to establish machine learning prototypes to observe and assess tumors from a client’s radiological pictures, facilitating pathological accurateness. It ascertains a profile for computer devices in pathology and mammography, bestowing doctors an intenser understanding for decision-making.

▸ Wysa

Wysa makes an Artificial Intelligence-based chatbot, a sensibility to conduct mental health and wellness. It executes an Artificial Intelligence algorithm to concentrate on human tone and comprehend sentiments of anger, anxiety, or grief with cognitive-behavioral strategies. The startup collaborates with psychologists and therapists to train the Artificial Intelligence prototype.

Features of Wysa include:
  • Self-help tools stimulate micro-actions to enable the user to withstand better.
  • Talk to a bot, which behaves as a virtual mental fitness trainer.
  • Messaging-based aid by human psychologists is accessible 24×7 while conserving total privacy.

Wysa has until now raised a total of $3.9 million disclosed investments across different rounds from the likes of Kae Capital, Pi Ventures, Google and Assistant Investments.

5. Artificial intelligence a boon for COVID-19

Formulating a vaccine has been an enormous information-intensive undertaking, beginning with the anthology and estimation of data required to comprehend both the infection and our immune system’s reaction to it.

More than 200 viruses are recognized to contaminate humans. Each of them is different in its mean, behavior, and eventually, its treatment. Though each differs in the establishment, viral seizures on the body primarily start the same way. The evolution of artificial intelligence as a predictive and adaptive device of technology that attends to the need for anticipating the numerous probabilities was in the tasks since the pandemic’s earlier days.

a. Artificial Intelligence anticipated several progressions for Covid Vaccine

Artificial Intelligence has been expanded to assess the thousands of scientific papers and billions of data to formulate the vaccines currently in the works or to be disseminated. With the assistance of computational analysis and Machine-learning systems, networks have participated a significant part in the vaccine pursuit. These improvements benefited researchers in reviewing the virus and its anatomy and anticipating which of its ingredients will evoke an immune response that is a crucial phase in vaccine design.

Big Technology corporations like IBM, Google, Amazon, and Microsoft have allotted computer processing energy endeavors for the COVID-19 high-level Computing Consortium and Artificial Intelligence for Health. One major part of Artificial Intelligence in vaccine layout was researching the proteins that compose the virus, which encompass the spike protein. An Artificial Intelligence system could explore thousands of constituents to observe those that would be logical to initiate a powerful immune reaction by analyzing its complicated structure.

When back in 2020, Pfizer and Moderna were in the race. A unique type of vaccine was developed thanks to the invention of nanotechnology. The new vaccines comprise a tiny grain of the SARS-CoV-2 mRNA (its congenital substance) enciphered for the protein spike. The spike protein is that element of the virus that gives rise to its ingress into commentator cells and is the protruding, crown-like spike that strands the SARS-CoV-2 microbe (when the covid family originates its name). While they can inject at-risk selves against preyed antibodies, a vaccine’s ultimate purpose was to accomplish ‘herd immunity among a population.

Yet Artificial Intelligence can neither reinstate animal and human prosecutions, speed up the maximum significant, time-consuming element of vaccine development, nor can it indicate the precise attainment of human trials. It can survey the data peaks from these investigations by identifying all the parameters and searching structures that a human brain can’t detect. In the end, many scientists, health care employees, and participants must record their acquaintance with a vaccine in real-time to help Artificial Intelligence know better.

b. Use of Artificial Intelligence in Vaccine diffusion.

Artificial Intelligence and other digital tools are being deployed to organize problematic stock lines for the vaccine and compile the immense proportion of data required to track. The U.K is one of the first countries to dispense the vaccine. Data from John Hopkins University indicates that it indexes high among one of the largely crucially pretentious countries, with more than 3.2 million confirmed cases and nearly 85,000 deaths. With a society of millions of people, meandering any unfavorable effects from the vaccine is an arduous task.

To balance with that task, the U.K. (MHRA) Medicines & Healthcare products Regulatory agency lately partnered with the U.K. wing of Genpact. This skilled international services firm endeavors entirely in digital transformation. The corporation incorporates different elements of its Artificial Intelligence software. It integrates them with the government’s website, where unfavorable effects may be broadcasted.

Another massive problem with the vaccine’s multinational deployment is overseeing the logistics system, tracing, depository, and stock surveillance. While Artificial Intelligence will potentially play an enormous role in supply chain management, drug manufactory are just commencing to transverse its applications.

Artificial Intelligence dabbles as a champion to unravel problems influenced by Covid. The NCS has assigned Artificial Intelligence-powered thermal cameras in numerous civil healthcare facilities in Singapore. Given the deficiency of labor at these medical organizations, the optimum of these cameras supported underestimating the need for physical work expected to carry out weather measures with handheld scanners. These cameras were incorporated into the visitant and worker surveillance system and communication, illustrating the strategies to stimulate compliances and further follow-ups as expected by the healthcare providers.

Yet, in another specimen, Artificial Intelligence enables tutors in intellectuals, especially in an online setting. It can also behave like a benevolent educator catering to the educational necessities of the students. Thus, progressing the students’ proficiency and abilities. Rather than delivering tutors with progressive job training or enhanced roles in an organization, Educational Institutions are all peeking ahead to these devices. Big corporations see the possibility to own their own university experience as abruptly a genuine likelihood. Future generations could plausibly see a deterioration in student debt as e-learning would chop expenditures.

Also, lately, Artificial Intelligence integration in drones furnishes contactless delivery. Wing instantly offers its drone deliveries in a limited amount of places worldwide. These encompass Virginia, Finland, and Australia locations, where the corporation has rented out with regional shops for deliveries. Buyers use Wing’s app to put in an order. Their liberations can enter within minutes, thanks to drones that can wander at approximately 65 mph.

Artificial Intelligence within the successive decade will be an essential portion of a medical researcher for evaluating experimental data- if there be another pandemic, investigators will be skilled to uncover the unknowns of the life-threatening antibody while having a plan for many forthcoming vaccines to shield us, and readily identify the ones that can stave off a tragedy like COVID-19 from surpassing mankind.

Emerging trends of Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence cites the simulation and recurrence of human espionage in machines. These machines are manufactured so that they are programmed to imitate human actions.

The tools are developed to be employed as an alternate for the human intellect. Could execute mind processes but at a much sooner ratio than implicates thinking, understanding, problem-solving, logical thinking.

Artificial intelligence maintained the proficiency to accomplish litigations that have the best opportunity of developing a particular goal.

Machine learning is an additional subset wherein the computer can comprehend automatically and accept new unassisted. Deep Learning is a strategy that facilitates automatic absorption of a tremendous quantity of unstructured data such as arbitrary texts, news, video, and pictures.

As contended by a multinational study, with concerns about women’s advancement in the force, India is expected due to numerous intentions.

This survey also discovered that, while the assistance of Indian women in the force is barely 26 percent, Indian Women contribute to nearly 22% in Artificial Intelligence knack.

Indian women entrepreneurs in Artificial Intelligence ecosystem

So here’s a roster of Indian Women taking the artificial intelligence industry by storm.

▸ Nidhi Mathur and Geetha Manjunath – Niramai

Nidhi Mathur and Geetha Manjunath started up Niramai, a health tech that takes up Artificial Intelligence to inspect breast cancer. Many women worry about mammography because of the unfavorable conception, united with it. Their technology Thermalytix examines the initial phases by employing non-invasive, low-cost, radiation-free, and painless procedures. It can straight inspect tumors five times tinier than what clinical inspection can distinguish. Niramai utilizes an HD thermal sensing tool that analyzes the chest area just like a camera. It then employs a cloud-hosted exploration antidote to research thermal pictures. Before inaugurating this enterprise, Dr. Manjunath has captained many analysis programs in Artificial Intelligence and cloud computing. She has been conceded globally.

▸ Seema Gaur – Head IT and Executive VP, IFFCO Tokio General Insurance Company

Seema Gaur practices as the Head of IT and Chief VP. Helping consumers to soon allege automobile destruction through an Artificial Intelligence-based mobile application. The user must click and upload an image of the destroyed automobile. The application evaluates the picture, then exhibits the record of harmed parts to be repaired, the price of the region according to current ancient assertions within their database. She has stood headlined on IBM top 40 Women Leaders in Artificial Intelligence for her bright work.

▸ Ashwini Asokan – MadStreetDen

Ashwini Asokan is the creator of Mad Street Den, Chennai, which delivers Artificial Intelligence for applications. The firm’s star commodity is a commercial antidote that authorizes ‘Visual Search for Fashion-based eCommerce.’ It permits the user to take a snapshot of the clothing things and changes direction to an online shopping gateway while customizing suggestions established on their preliminary selections. Besides this, the corporation besides aliases devices for market research, analytics, social marketing, etc. Ashwini has been accentuated on Fortune’s 40 under 40, TechCrunch, Forbes, Vogue, and Nikkei.

▸ K Suriya Prabha – YouCode Intelligence

K Supriya Prabha is the creator of YouCode, which inculcates robotics and Artificial, and coding recreation for youngsters in countrified villages of Virudhunagar, Madurai, and Ramanathapuram districts. She visions facilitating computing proficiency in children and mentors them towards assembling an intellectual, extraordinary, and visionary India. The ambition primarily concentrates on educating Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence while setting inactivity awareness of Artificial Intelligence, computer science, and robotics technology to beginners immediately in all government academies. It wraps Coding Become a Robot, for Robots and Experience Artificial Intelligence, and Google and Amazon apparatuses are employed to understand Artificial Intelligence’s ability. Suriya has started on a voyage to substantiate herself as a woman entrepreneur in the arena of technical pedagogy.

▸ Niyati Agarwal –

Co-Founder of Niyati Agarwal, an outlet for industries to assemble Chatbots by accomplishing so, achieves the consumer experience and administration and sales rise. With this device, corporations expand to a business’s probable consumers in real-time and maintain high-quality steers. This dominates a one-on-one follow-up alley and instant engagement. It is an influential Artificial Intelligence-based marketing device that enables eCommerce and companies on their social media pages. It has been accentuated as one of India’s leading ten Artificial Intelligence startups.

▸ Harmeen Mehta – Former Chief Head Cloud Information Officer & Security Business, Bharti Airtel

Harmeen Mehta paid the previous seven years as Group CIO of Airtel and oversaw their security and cloud businesses. She has lately entered BT as chief digital and innovation administrator to manage a new technology department called Digital. She has been accentuated in IBM’s Top 40 Women Leaders in Artificial Intelligence for her extraordinary assistance.

In a male-dominated business, the words of women’s assistance are changing positions towards an optimistic path. LinkedIn has 42.9% of a female hireling, with 21.8% of technology employees and 39.1% of female employees in substantial supervision roles. Businesses are furthermore putting up with endeavors to bring out women’s roles. Pinterest, Genentech, and Etsy have near to or over 50% of women’s hands. Across-the-board women’s roles are evolving but have a long path to get on.

Artificial Intelligence startups solving real-life problems

The country is on the group top list of countries that have accomplished millions of allowance for technology-based startups in the previous year.

In current years, the Indian startup economy network has seen substantial mushrooming. The nation is amid the prime list of countries that have accomplished millions of funding for technology-based startups in the previous year. These startups are arriving into emphasis through their creation and outstanding assistance. Enormous funding, unification movements, progressing technology, and a vast domestic call drive their achievement.

According to few market statements, from around the und 3000 startups in 2014, India has surged to 11,000 in merely within the six years. With the subsequent startups arising at a considerable scale, India is most feasible to navigate the technology demand in its home market and across the globe.

▸ Niramai Health Analytix

NIRAMAI has formulated a narrative software to inspect breast cancer at a very timelier step than conventional procedures or self-examination. Its treatment is a low price and precise, machine-driven, handy cancer probing device regulated by a simple clinician. Dissimilar to mammography, NIRAMAI’s imaging strategy is non-touch, radiation-free, not painful, and functions for women of all age groups. Its treatment’s heart technology is a platform that is an artificial intelligence-led diagnostic that employs patented thermal picture executing on and machine learning algorithms for credible and precise breast cancer screening. This particular treatment is used as a cancer diagnosis experiment in hospitals, employed for routine preventive fitness checkups and comprehensive scale screening in countrified and semi-urban districts.


Haptik is bred out of the belief that everyday Artificial Intelligence will have a substantial paradigm transition. The corporation has an international team of 200+ followers pausing to make it transpire. Haptik is an artificial intelligence corporation leveraging colloquial associates for brands to renovate consumer affairs. The arena has been enabled by over 100 real assistants, entering close to 100 million tools and processing over 3 billion end consumer interchanges. Haptik is supported by Reliance Industries, a US$100 Billion+ coalition packed to 500 million customers.

▸ Discovery AI

Pune, India-based startup Discovery AI is on a journey to entrust businesses to enhance earnings, decrease expenses & expand productivity by employing the best kind of Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies. Discovery AI assembles an industry-ready conversational Artificial Intelligence outlet to decrease service calls and enhance apps’ adoption.


Niki is giving rise to Bharat’s household utilization by manufacturing the localized digital agency for 500 million current internet users. The corporation is renovating these users into customers by providing them with an envoy-like background that is vastly extensively realistic. Eliminating the boundaries of sophisticated language, interfaces, and inhibitions considering digital assistance, Niki ensures that users do not get clasped online and takes off the other mile to assure jobs are attained.

It is a 24X7 assistance network that enables people to conserve their valuable period to fulfill stuff that they respect and evacuate all their digital services-related concerns, which is incredibly like a provincial agent. The corporation has been supported by Mr. Ratan Tata & Unilazer Ventures in a group of other investors as it begins again to unravel the discomfort junctures of Bharat’s new 500 million internet users.

▸ Doxper

With the ‘zero behavior change’ strategy, Doxper is harmoniously digitizing healthcare data, presently forfeiting in India and other expanding economies. Today, corporatization benefits doctors and hospitals digitalize to enhance their functioning, clinical, and patient appointment effects. Presently, Doxper speculates understandings from this abundant,demographic-specific data and longitudinal data that will entrust providers to optimize the extensive healthcare economy processes.

▸ CropIn

CropIn is an intuitive, thoughtful, self-evolving network that provides future-ready husbandry treatments to the whole farming area. The corporation furnishes decision-making devices that carry viscosity, trustworthiness, and sustainability to husbandry businesses. With living reporting abilities, estimation, understanding, and insight that interval across landscapes, the corporation digitizes every range while data-managing the whole ecosystem.

CropIn’s more brilliant Agricultural treatments toil in real-time for you to archive structures, anticipate trends, and formulate a blueprint for your company at the moment to come.


The preponderance of the software or techniques employed in the HR process stimulates merely non- employee-facing actions (backend functions). There are restricted technologies that encourage or promote the HR process and workers’ interaction. All companies like HR queries, statements to workers on HR updates, etc., are attended manually.

BASH employs Artificial Intelligence and chatbots to enhance procedures and expand the hireling’s experience. In retrieval, their workers are further effective, and the corporation recoups a lot of capital. The solution compels no application, no install, no download, and a good chat.

▸ Avaamo

Avaamo is a deep-learning software corporation working in conversational interfaces to decipher particular, high-impact difficulties in the business. Avaamo is assembling basic Artificial Intelligence technology across the global area of speech synthesis, neural systems, and deep learning to bring about conversational computing for the business. The corporation distributes a third-generation infrequent Artificial Intelligence experience that enforces rich multi-turn discussions eligible for dealing with inquiries in consumer service, developing quotes in insurance, or countering assertions scrutinies in healthcare.


Today’s data-driven and automated globe move quicker than ever. From products, customers, industries, and undertakings to earnings, all this is dependent on intelligent networks eligible for comprehending the activities and constructing understandings for adequate strategy, delivery, and experience. Artivatic is made of life-science pointed techniques that discern intuitions and can put up conclusions just like humans on behalf of industries for decent real-time personalized customer experience, improving performance, automated decision-making, and efficiency with a boost in modification and income. Businesses can grow additional and promptly in real-time. It’s further beyond the nd Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics. To be precise, it is an authentic artificial intelligence brain’.

▸ SigTuple

SigTuple assembles intelligent screening antidotes to care for diagnosis through Artificial Intelligence-powered observable medical data analysis. The corporation is constructing an artificial intelligence (AI) outlet called Manthana, which stimulates the organization to examine apparent medical data efficiently. Manthana has facilitated SigTuple to labor on five crucial high-volume screening procedures of the healthcare enterprise that mainly analyze extraneous blood clots, semen, urine microscopy, fundus, OCT scans, and chest x-rays.

Applications of Artificial Intelligence

  • Google’s Artificial Intelligence-powered prediction. For example, Google Maps.
  • Riding and transportation applications. For example, Uber, Lyft
  • Artificial Intelligence Autopilot in Commercial Flights
  • Filters to detect spam Emails
  • Tools for checking Plagiarism
  • Facial Recognition
  • Search suggestions
  • Voice-to-text features
  • Smart personal associates. For example, Siri, Alexa.
  • Conspiracy insurance and prevention.

Future of Artificial Intelligence

Have you ever had this question ‘Is AI the future’? Hopefully yes, but even if you don’t care about artificial intelligence beyond Siri or Alexa, it is worthwhile to take note of how AI is impacting the future.

As humans, we have constantly been captivated by technical alterations and imagination. Right now, we are residing amidst the tremendous developments in our history. Artificial Intelligence has appeared to be a successive enormous aspect in the arena of technology. Corporations across the planet are rising with breakthrough inventions in machine learning and artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence is not only influencing the fortune of every business and every human being via AI in finance, Ai in banking, and so on. Still, it has also been conducted as the primary driver of developing technologies like engineering AI, robotics, big data, and IoT. Contemplating its development rate, it will proceed to behave as a technological colonist for the foreseeable prospect. Therefore, there are excellent alternatives for experienced and certified consultants to infiltrate a rewarding business. As these technologies resume to ripen, they will have additional and better influence on the civic environment and integrity of life.

Getting certified in Artificial Intelligence will provide you with an advantage over the other candidates in this enterprise. With improvements such as Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare, Facial Recognition, Chat-bots, and further, presently it is the time to assemble a path to a prosperous livelihood in Artificial Intelligence. Virtual associates have already made their path into everyday life, assisting us to conserve time and energy. Self-driving automobiles by technology giants like Tesla have already exhibited us the primary phase to the future. Artificial Intelligence can enable us to decrease and anticipate environmental change threats, authorizing us to bring in a distinction before it’s extremely late. And of these improvements are only the onset. There’s a lot to come in this enterprise. By the year 2022, it is said that a total of 133 million new Artificial Intelligence jobs are to be created.

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