Top 20+ Motivational Elon Musk Quotes for Entrepreneurs

Motivational Elon Musk Quotes
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So it is kind of uncanny for one to tell people ‘who is Elon Musk‘, since the world already knows him as an engineer, technology entrepreneur, investor innovator and on top of that, a visionary who has taken tons of leaps to bless the world with amazing technologies and avenues synergised through his companies: Tesla, SpaceX, The Boring Company, OpenAI and PayPal. The Forbes list of Most Powerful People 2019 lists him as the 25th most powerful person in the world. Elon Musk’s net worth of $22.3 billion as of March 2019 makes him the 40th richest person in the world, according to Forbes list of richest people.

Now that we know what makes Elon Musk quoteworthy and before I fill you up with the biography of Elon Musk, I would like to list down the top Elon Musk quotes selected by the editorial staff of LAFFAZ. As you reach the end, you’ll have the details about the personal and professional life of Elon Musk as well.

List of Top Elon Musk Quotes for Motivation

Some of the best Elon Musk quotes that h