Ensuring that you get a fair trial in a criminal hearing

Democracies around the world uphold the right of anyone accused of a crime to receive a fair hearing. Determining the facts in an impartial manner, having an unbiased judge and jury, and laws detailing how trials are to be handled enable citizens facing criminal prosecution to be protected from false accusations. These measures also help to prevent abuse by the authorities. Fair trials are a cornerstone of free societies. The best way to ensure that you get a fair trial is to hire a competent criminal attorney.


The Sixth Amendment

Some of the rights protected by the Sixth Amendment are the right to legal representation, having a public hearing, no unnecessary delays after being accused, and being tried before an impartial jury. Additionally, someone accused of a criminal offense is entitled to know who has brought charges against them and what evidence has been collected to support a trial. Your attorney will help to protect all your rights as they fight your case for you.

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Innocent Until Proven Guilty

Although the law states that a criminal defendant is presumed innocent until their guilt has been proved in a court of law, this principle is not always upheld. For example, perp walks make a spectacle of a prisoner who is yet to be tried in court. Being paraded in front of the media and crowds of people can reinforce the belief that the person is guilty before they have had their day in court. The defendant is usually in handcuffs, adding fuel to the fire and adding to the allure of danger. When someone is detained prior to their trial, this can also increase the public conviction that the person can be deemed guilty.

However, the onus is on the courts to provide proof of guilt. The person being accused is not required by law to prove that they are innocent. Furthermore, before someone is detained, the state must provide sufficient proof that the person in custody is a danger to society if they remain free or that they are likely to abscond and not be available for trial.

The right to remain silent is also not always respected. It is sometimes seen as a sign of guilt. If you find yourself in this situation, do not allow yourself to be forced into making a false confession.

Ensuring a Fair Trial

The first step to ensuring a fair trial is to find a criminal attorney who is proficient in dealing with cases such as yours and has a record of winning in similar instances. You need to trust your attorney and be able to speak openly to them so that they can work out the best defense for you with as much information as possible and counter any arguments from the prosecution. The chosen legal representation should be affordable for you. If you are in Southern California, you can contact Ernenwein & Mathes criminal attorneys for assistance with your case.

Always be cognizant of your rights and work as a team with your attorney for the best outcome.

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