HH Sheikh Mohammed launches Dubai ‘Future Labs’

Dubai Future Labs
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HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid on Monday launched Future Labs that encompasses four high-tech laboratories on aviation, energy, blockchain and entrepreneurship as a means to boost innovation in Dubai. The labs will be supervised by the Dubai Future Foundation and will also get inputs from leading companies.

A few statements made by HH Mohammed at the launch…

“Today, we have launched four innovative labs that will focus on predicating the future of aviation, energy, blockchain and entrepreneurship. Our end goal is to make these labs a hub for launching future-oriented innovations that will eventually upgrade our business and service sectors”

Gulf News

“These labs will support the UAE Centennial Plan 2071 and will lay the foundations for building a global centre to test future innovations of the country,” 

Gulf News

Followed by a statement via his official Twitter account that says…

According to Virgin Radio Dubai, here’s how all the four labs have been planned individually.

Aviation Future Lab

The aviation lab inculcates five largest aerospace companies of the world which including UAE’s very own Emirates, Airbus (Blagnac, France), GE (Massachusetts, United States), Thales (La Défense, France) and Collins Aerospace (North Carolina, US). This team will boost scientific research and carry engineering projects, work on challenges by collaborating with public and private sector companies. A few challenges would be like reducing carbon emissions caused by the aviation sector to 87 percent and reaching 15 grams of CO2 per km per passenger by 2030.

Blockchain Future Lab

This lab is very unique and evidently the first one the world is going to have. The key objective of the Blockchain Future Lab is to create a global innovation system, augment product development by utilising blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, IoT and Machine Learning technologies.

It will bring together IBM, government entities and blockchain technology providers to leverage the use of blockchain for product development and new services via building testbeds – also in partnership with entrepreneurs and specialised companies in AREA 2071 (Emirates Towers, Dubai, UAE).

Energy Future Lab

The lab is built in collaboration with Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA). This will bring improvement and changes in the government’s operations by enriching cooperation between government and private entities, adopt new models and develop cornerstones such as developing storage and auto-control systems for renewable energy, expanding the utilisation of Artificial Intelligence and providing digital services.

Entrepreneurship Future Lab

As the name says for itself, the lab aims to boost entrepreneurship in the region by laying complete focus on utilising and creating workspaces in AREA 2071 for entrepreneurs and startups in the technology sector. And also make business licencing easy for entrepreneurs by partnering with government entities.

Image credits: Dubai Media office (Twitter)

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