How Just Sold Postcards help real estate agents obtain new listings

When people receive just sold postcards in their mailboxes, they will be encouraged to read more about what you have to offer.
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A great way to advertise your real estate company and attract new clients is with the Just Sold Postcard. It’s easy, inexpensive, and efficient. The main goal of marketing your business with these postcards is to get more leads.

When people receive these postcards in their mailboxes, they will be encouraged to read more about what you have to offer. They’ll also have an opportunity to contact you directly if they are interested in learning more about your services or buying a house from you.

The postcard can help increase revenue for your real estate business by bringing in more buyers, sellers, renters, and investors. It’s a great tool that can be used by any real estate agent who wants to increase their number of listings or sell houses faster than before.

In addition, you might reach many new buyers interested in buying real estate from you with only one mailing campaign and hundreds of postcards at a time.

What Exactly Is a Just Sold Postcard?

This postcard is sent to a real estate agent after selling a property. The postcard can promote the new listing, increasing the likelihood of the property being sold. This strategy’s basic premise is that people will remember your name and contact information when they receive your postcard.

That means they will be more likely to contact you when looking for their next home. It also helps if you mention the price at which your home sold and how it appeared when it was up for sale.

By doing this, anyone who received your business card and contacted you for the same property would be fully aware of what to anticipate from your house.

Here are a few things you will find in a Just Sold postcard:

1. Final Closing Price of the Home

When you’re working to sell a home, you need to have a final closing date. This date is when your sale will get finalized and all of the paperwork signed.

If you’re selling property with an agent, this is when they’ll meet with their buyer at the house. After the meetup, they complete all of the necessary documents. You’ll want to ensure you have a final closing date when selling your home to get everything moving along quickly.

Don’t leave finding a buyer until the very last minute, especially if they are up against competing offers. Don’t miss out on potential buyers because they didn’t know about the closing date or couldn’t get into contact with their agent in time.

The final closing date will depend on your sale type: short sale, foreclosure, or regular sale. You must have at least 90 days after placing your listing on MLS (Multiple Listing Service) before breaking any contracts or agreements with buyers interested in purchasing your property.

2. Contact Information

In the contact information section, you will enter your name and email address. This is an indispensable section as it allows people to contact you if they have any questions or concerns about their real estate transactions.

If they are having trouble with the transaction, they can reach out to you and communicate their problems directly. You should also include your phone number in this section so potential buyers can reach out to you if they have any questions or concerns about the home or property.

You don’t want to lose any deals because of a breakdown in communication between the two parties.

3. Address and Photos of the Home

The home address and photos are the most important components of a just sold postcard. A real estate agent should include as many details as possible to give potential buyers an idea of what they should anticipate when they pay a visit.

For example, if there is a garage, a deck, or any other outdoor feature that needs to be mentioned in the description, be sure to include it on your postcard. Also, make sure you include any room that could be used for entertaining guests, such as an open kitchen or dining area.

4. Agent’s Photo

The agent’s photo is also very important because it gives potential buyers an idea of how much care was put into preparing this particular home for sale. Agents must also show their personality by including photos of themselves with friends, family members, and clients.

5. A Client Testimonial

A client testimonial is one of the most important components of a just-sold postcard. This is where the real estate agent tells their client how they can help them with their real estate goals. It makes your postcard unique and lets your clients know they are not just another number or email address on your list. You want your testimonial to be personal, specific, and honest.

Your testimonial should be short but sweet, simple, and to the point. It should be about what you did for your client and how it helped them achieve their goal in real estate.

The testimonial should also be as personal as possible. If you were able to help them find a home or sell their current home, share that with them and make sure it comes across in your postcard.

6. Call to Action

Your Just Sold Postcard’s message should be brief and inspiring. Keep your writing simple and concise because few people have the time or desire to read a lot of text.

An effective Just Sold Postcard example is a quick and simple approach to explaining the advantages of working with you. It enables real estate agents to communicate with potential clients directly through printed materials.

When to Send Just Sold Postcards

Postcards are a great way to market your real estate business. Here are instances when you should send a Postcard:

  1. If you’re marketing a property in a market where real estate agents are already competing for the same properties, then just sold postcards are a good way to stand out from their current campaigns and get noticed by someone looking at homes like yours.
  2. When selling an investment property to potential buyers, you can include details about how they can contact you for more information about the property and its status.
  3. Send out postcards when listing a home for sale or rent, especially if it’s been on the market for more than 30 days. Consider including links to social media platforms where prospective buyers can find additional details about your listing.
  4. Send the postcards when an open house is planned at your real estate office or home. The cards will help boost traffic and sales during this period while promoting your brand, as well as helpful tips on how to buy or rent a home in your neighbourhood or area of interest (city/state).
  5. If your agent is in a market where there’s already competition between agents and they don’t want to spend money on marketing, then just selling postcards can be a great alternative.

Take Action Today

In conclusion, a just sold postcard is sent immediately after the closing process is complete. For maximum exposure, send two postcards roughly three days apart. It is essential to note that these postcards should be sent via mail with a tracking number.

The tracking number will help you track where your postcards are going and when they are expected to arrive. In addition, sending an email to the new owner of your home and their agent when it comes time for them to move in is recommended. It helps you stay in touch with them and update them on how things are going at their new home during the move-in process.

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