How to find a job in Qatar – Best Tips

How to find a job in Qatar
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Qatar’s labour market is relatively open to qualified foreign professionals with career prospects available in fields of trade, gas, and oil. According to Statista, the rate of employment has also reached a fever pitch, with an average of 99.9 percent for foreigners and 99.9 percent for Qatari citizens.

The recent upsurge of jobs in Qatar is attributed to the country’s demand for skilled workers and its growing economy. With an economic freedom score of 72.6, Qatar’s economy is the 28th freest in the 2019 index.

Unlike other nations, Qatar implements a well-planned economic strategy that lays emphasis specifically on the infrastructure. The government has also been responsible for driving various initiatives to enhance the overall economic development of the country to attract budding foreign professionals.

A safe and peaceful environment combined with extensive employment prospects makes Qatar a popular destination among expats looking for career opportunities abroad.

Essential tips to find jobs in Qatar

So now that we have assimilated the benefits of working in Qatar, I would like to list down the essential tips for you to find jobs in Qatar.

1. Do Your Research Early

Begin your job search even before you arrive in the country. Check job portals such as Expatriates wherein you can check available work opportunities and qualifications.

Flip over at the employment section of online regional Qatari newspapers to check for vacancies. Contacting the Qatar Embassy in your country can help you as well.

The country’s government will usually require you to obtain a work permit and a permanent residency visa to get approval.

You can get a work permit at the Expatriate Affairs at the Ministry Interior. Requirements for the work permit may include but are not only limited to fingerprinting, routine medical check-ups, and ID cards.

2. Make Your CV Stand Out

Just because Qatar has a high demand for workers, it does not mean that getting there will get you a job immediately. One of the easiest yet most effective ways to stand out from other applicants is to localize your CV.

European and United Kingdom CV formats work well in Qatar. They usually include your contact information, education, languages, interests, certificates, and a comprehensive summary of your experiences.

Use a standard paper with simple fonts like Times New Roman or Arial and print original copies on high-quality paper. Avoid sending photocopies as this may send a negative impression to the hiring officer.

Keep your CV to two pages to maximize your chances of getting hired. If you can add Arabic as your language proficiency, it may help as well.

3. Form Connections and Attend Networking Events

Reach out to your people in your network and spread the word that you’re looking for jobs. Going to career fairs and networking events will also let you gather information about the characteristics local recruiters look for an applicant.

Such events are the best ways to find the latest job opportunities and connecting with established professionals. Building a regional network will also help you in the future when you decide to change jobs or look for advice on professional matters.

Finding the first job in a new country is challenging for everybody. Consider any try as a good start and check out today to find out Qatar jobs suited for your skills.

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